Ramadan Destination Clock

In the month of Ramadan, average daytime temperature and fasting duration in each destination will change from year to year. Select a destination to view how, combined with GMTI 2016 scores, a destination would rank over a span of 15 years with its yearly Ramadan duration and average daytime temperature.

16.3Hrs 29ºc38
16.3Hrs 27ºc36
16.2Hrs 24ºc34
16Hrs 23ºc32
15.4Hrs 22ºc32
15.1Hrs 20ºc32
14.4Hrs 18ºc34
14.1Hrs 16ºc32
13.4Hrs 14ºc34
13.2Hrs 13ºc34
12.5Hrs 12ºc33
12.2Hrs 10ºc33
11.5Hrs 10ºc32
11.3Hrs 9ºc32
11.3Hrs 9ºc32