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  • Uzbekistan Overview

    Uzbekistan is one of the independent central asian states and shares borders with Afghanistan, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan and Turkmenistan. The region was once a part of Persian Samanid Empire and later became a part of the Timurid Empire.

  • Bukhara - The Place of Imam Bukhari

    Bukhara is the capital of the Bukhara Province and was an important city along the Silk Road. When Ibn Battuta visited Bukhara it was struggling to revive the aftermath of the Tartar armies. As described in the Rihla the colleges, markets and masaajid of the city were in ruins. Bukhara…
  • Samarkand Overview

    A fascinating city with several historic monuments, Samarkand is also acknowledged as the crossroads of cultures. When Ibn Battuta visited teh city in the 14th century, even though the city was not in good shape, he describes the beauty of the mausoleums and the Islamic architecture. Samarkand was one of…
  • The Home town to Al Tirmidhi - Termiz, Uzbekistan

    Termiz is located in southern Uzbekistan close to the border of Afghanistan. The city is famous for being home to Al- Tirmidhi who wrote the Sunan al-Tirmidhi, one of the six acknowledged hadith books used by the Sunni Muslims. Al- Tirmidhi was born in Bugh a suburb of the city…
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Uzbekistan Info



It is a Central Asian country with an area of 447,000 square kilometers situated in the North of Turkmenistan and Afghanistan. Uzbekistan is one of the two doubly landlocked countries in the world.


A population of close to 28.1 Million. Muslims account for about 90% of the population.


Hot summers and Cold winters.The temperature could exceed 40 °C(104 °F) while in Winter temperatures average about −2 °C(28 °F) but may fall as low as −40 °C(−40 °F).


Uzbek is the official language. Karakalpak and Russian is widely used as well.


GMT+5 hrs throughout the year


General: 9 AM to 6 PM


Independence Day: September 1st
Navruz (Persian New Year): March 21
May Day: May 1st
Teacher's Day: October 1st

Muslim Festivals (Based on the lunar calandar):


Uzbekistani Som



Police/Emergencies: 002
Medical/Ambulance: 003
Fire: 001

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