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Explore the Ancient & Archaeological Pyramids of Sudan in Africa

About the Pyramids

In the north-eastern part of Sudan close to the banks of the Nile are ancient pyramids. Almost two hundred in number, these pyramids are locally known as Nubia. All these are concentrated in a small area which was the ancient burial site of the Merotic Kingdom. They were built almost 800 years after the last pyramid in Egypt was completed.

Explore the hidden beauty of Africa, The Republic of Chad

The Republic of Chad is located in Central Africa and is surrounded by Libya, Sudan, Central African Republic, Nigeria and Cameroon. Ranging from desert areas to fertile lands, Chad is geographically varied. Though the country is quite beautiful but many of the interior areas are still undiscovered by travellers.

Felafel is a common starters found throughout the middle east. It’s country of origin is supposedly Egypt where the idea of making these Felafel balls came for trying to substitute meat. Felafel is usually served with Pita bread with some salads, pickles and tahini based sauces or it could be had just as it is. Check out our super easy recipe below.

Marvel at the architecture and sight of The National Palace, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic 

he National Palace located in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic is one of the most beautiful structure in the city. Designed by an Italian architect Guido D’ Allesandro the building has got a neoclassical architecture coupled with a luxurious layout of gardens over 18,000 square metres.

Explore and Relax at the Port City with Water Fun, Yacht Time, Fortresses and Spanish Architecture - Cienfugos, Cuba

Cienfuegos is a city in southern Cuba known for its neoclassical and Spanish architecture. It is one of the main seaports of Cuba. Its literal translation means “hundred fires” after a sea captain general at the time it changed its name during the 1880’s. It is popularly known as the pearl of the south for its beauty. Cienfuegos is 250 kms away from Havana.

Travel back in time exploring The Ancient City of Sabratha, Libya

The westernmost city of the three cities of Tripolis, Sabratha is an archaeological site desclared as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The port of Sabratha was initially established in 500 BC and during that time served as a channel for the products of Africa. The city has undergone a lot of refurbishment over several years.

Travel to the Ancient Oasis City of Djanet, Algeria

Located in southeast Algeria, Djanet is an oasis city. The area has been inhabited since the Neolithic times and there are several rock paintings at the TassiliN’Ajjer National Park close to the town that are worth seeing and describe the history of the area. The whitewashed houses with blue doors line the streets and give an amazing ambiance to the town.

Travel back in time with the Roman Ruins in Apamea, Syria

Apamea often overlooked by travellers to Syria can be one of the main highlights of people visiting the country. Apamea is at a convenient day-trip from Hama and is located in the green hills close to the Orontes Valley. Known for its Roman ruins, Apamea is a wonderful place to visit.

Relax and unwind in the calmness and beauty of Ghadamis, Libya

In south-western Libya is the oasis town of Ghadamis. Located close to the borders of Algeria and Tunisia, the town is a soothing place to relax and enjoy the peace and calmness that it has to offer. The old town area of Ghadamis is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is surrounded by city walls.

Back in Time with the Ancient Archaeological Marvel at Tipasa, Algeria

About 70Km from Algiers along the Mediterranean coast is the archaeological site of Tipasa. The area consists of three sites namely two archaeological parks and the Royal Mauritanian Mausoleum about 11Km south-east of Tipasa. These archaeological sites provide information on the contact between the native civilization and the different colonisations that took place between the 6th century B.C. and the 6th century A.D.

Turkey Info



Shares boarders with, southeastern Europe and southwestern Asia countries, Turkey owns a coast line of 7,200 km's and a land area of 770,760 km².


A population of close to 73.7 Million. Muslims account for about 99.8% of the population.


Turkey's a huge country its climate varies widely from region to region and the season. July and september tends to be the peak tourist season. Central Anatolia where the Capital city Ankara is located experiances a steppe climate with hot, dry summers and cold winters.


Turkish is the official language. English is considered the main foreign language.


GMT+2 hrs


Government: 8:30 AM to 5:30 PM
General: 9 AM to 5 PM

New Year's Day: January 1st
National Sovereignty and Children's Day: April 23rd
Labour and solidarity Day: May 1st
Victory Day: August 30th
Republic Day: October 29th

Based on the lunar calandar:


Turkish Lira


Police: 155
Medical: 112
Fire: 110


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