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Taiwan Overview

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One of the most diverse destinations in Asia

Taiwan has created a separate name for itself as one of the most diverse destinations in Asia and is located off the coast of China mainland. Taiwan offers a mélange of cultural influences and currently remains undiscovered as a tourist destination. Dominated by hilly areas, the island of Taiwan is an ideal location for Muslim travelers to vacation in.

The capital of Taiwan, Taipei, is located in the northern part of the island and is the most modern city in Taiwan. The Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall is the most prominent architecture in the city. The gardens surrounding the memorial are also quite enticing. The Taipei International Financial Center or Taipei 101 dominates the skyline of the city.

Taipei has some wonderful museums that travelers would love to visit including the National Palace Museum, National Taiwan Museum, Shung Ye Museum of Formosan Aborigines, Taipei Fine Arts Museum and, next to it, the Taipei Story House. If you think that Taipei is only about soaring buildings, then you are mistaken, for the parks in the city are some of the most beautiful gardens you will come across. The Taipei Botanical Gardens and the Daan Forest Park are definitely worth a visit.

Hsinchu is another important city in Taiwan and also the center of the hi-tech industry. There are some wonderful scenic places to visit in this city. The Eighteen Peaks Mountain and the Hsinchu Botanical Garden are some good nature points which travelers may like to visit. Hsinchu also has a few museums and one of the more interesting ones is dedicated to preserving the craft of glass making.

The city of Hualienis is one of the most delightful cities in Taiwan. The Hualien Ocean Park is a huge amusement park with eight zones, each inspired by different aspects of the ocean. For visitors traveling with kids, it is one of the must-visit attractions of Taiwan.

Though a small town, Jiufen has some fun places to visit. The Historic Commercial District is built on the sides of the coastal hills and the Wufan Tunnel and Songde Park are also good places to visit. Jiufen is a good base for hiking the Mount Jilong or the Xiaojingua Peak.

The port city of Kaohsiung on the southern end of Taiwan has a lot of interesting attractions. Within the Cijin District of the city there is a fort and a lighthouse that attracts several visitors.

No visit to Taiwan is complete without visiting the Alishan National Scenic Area. The top most attraction in the area is the Jhushan which can be reached by train or a helicopter. Taiwan has numerous national parks that interest visitors. Adventurous travelers would definitely love to hike the summit of Yushan or head for some snorkeling at Orchid Island.

Taiwan has some colossal shopping malls, especially in Taipei. Hualien is good for finding hand woven clothes. The Dream Mall in Kaohsiung is one of the largest on the island.

Taiwan has a small number of Muslims but the population is gradually increasing. There are quite a number of masaajid on the island especially in Taipei. The Taipei Grand Masjid is the main masjid. Visitors can also be lucky enough to find some Halal dining places in Taiwan. Taipei has some wonderful halal restaurants mainly serving South Asian cuisine. Do try the different variety of noodles and the bamboo steamed rice.

Taiwan has an excellent network of trains that connects visitors to all parts of the island though flights can save you time. Once inside a city there are several ways of moving around - taxis, buses and walking or cycling are some good choices.

  • Taiwan Overview

    One of the most diverse destinations in Asia Taiwan has created a separate name for itself as one of the most diverse destinations in Asia and is located off the coast of China mainland. Taiwan offers a mélange of cultural influences and currently remains undiscovered as a tourist destination. Dominated by…
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Taiwan Info


Located 180 kilometers off the southeastern coast of China, Taiwan has an area of 35,881 km2 (13,853.7 sq mi).

A population of close to 23 Million. Muslims account for about 0.3% of the population.

The entire island experiences hot, humid weather from June through September.The average temperature in Taipei, Taiwan is 21.6 °C (71 °F).

Taiwanese Hokkien, commonly called "Taiwanese", is the language with the most native speakers.

GMT+8 hrs throughout the year


Government: 8:30 AM to 5:30 PM
General: 9 AM to 6 PM

Founding Day : January 1
228 Peace Memorial Day: February 28
Tomb Sweeping Day: April 4,5 or 6
Double Tenth National Day: October 10

Based on the lunar calandar:
Chinese New Year
Dragon Boat Festival
Moon Festival
Chinese New Year's Eve


Taiwan Dollars


Police: 110
Medical/Fire: 119
From GSM Handset: 112


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