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St. Lucia Overview

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Shining like a jewel in the Caribbean Sea is the stunning island country of St. Lucia

This mountainous island with lush rainforests, pristine beaches and rolling agricultural sceneries is one of the breeziest places in the world. St. Lucia has loads of natural beauty to be discovered, from marvelous beaches and mountains, to the boiling sulphur springs and the Qualibou Volcano and the enchanting flower lined roadsides.

Castries, the capital city of St. Lucia, is a major tourist attraction and also the main port of call for cruise ships to the island. Taxis, rental cars and public transport are readily available to assist visitors to their destinations and the numerous attractions of the country.

The major draw of Casties is the beaches; travelers can enjoy a range of beach activities at Choc Beach, La Toc Beach, Malabar Beach and Vigie Beach, which are within easy reach. The beaches of Castries are usually filled with tourists and may not be "family-friendly"; inquire from the locals for beaches a bit distant from the main bustle if you would prefer a less crowded day at the beach.

The Derek Walcott Square is the central point of the city and houses several French buildings admired for their architectural beauty. Close to the square is the central market of Castries where visitors can find local crafts, souvenirs, spices and fruits. Travelers can also take a tour of the Marquis Estate to see the details of plantation and agriculture in St. Lucia.

On the outskirts of the city is the Morne Fortune where visitors can explore the military cemetery, the Powder & Battery Museum and a smaller museum that features relics of the colonial days. About 8 miles south of Castries is Marigot Bay - a perfect place to enjoy yachting and boating.

North of Castries is the wonderful Pigeon Island National Park. Pigeon Island showcases an interpretation center that explains the history of the area with a multimedia display and also has two spectacular white sandy beaches. Also on the north of Castries is Gros Islet, a small fisherman village, which is bordered by, the Rodney Bay Marina, an excellent destination to relax. Towards the east of Castries is the small village of Morne Pleasant, which has the St Lucia's Folk Research Center. The center has a museum displaying artifacts from the past.

Vieux Fort is the second largest town of St. Lucia and is located on the south coast close to the Hewanorra International Airport. On the outskirts of the town visitors can find the Cape Moule and a Chique Lighthouse from where they can enjoy splendid views of the island. The town also houses the Anse de Sables, which is a popular destination for windsurfers.

Soufrière is the oldest settlement of St. Lucia and is located south of Castries. The town has the main landmarks of the island, two soaring extinct volcanoes called  Pitons. The major attraction of the town is the drive-in volcano, Mount Soufriere, where visitors can drive into the volcanic crater and see steam geysers and sulphur springs. The Mount Soufriere crater is open everyday from 9 am to 5 pm. Travelers can also find Diamond Mineral Baths, the Diamond Botanical Gardens and the Diamond Waterfall at Soufrière.

The Muslim population in St. Lucia is very small they are a minority in this island country. However, there are a few Masaajid on the island as well as Islamic foundations. The main Masjid in Castries is Masjid Al- Nur, the Islamic Foundation of Vieux-Fort in Vieux-Fort and the Masjidur Rahman in La Tourney. The Islamic Association of St. Lucia in Castries is the first official Islamic body in the country.

  • St. Lucia Overview

    Shining like a jewel in the Caribbean Sea is the stunning island country of St. Lucia This mountainous island with lush rainforests, pristine beaches and rolling agricultural sceneries is one of the breeziest places in the world. St. Lucia has loads of natural beauty to be discovered, from marvelous beaches and…
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    Castries the capital city of St. Lucia is situated around the harbor that occupies the crater of an extinct volcano. Most of the population of St. Lucia resides in Castries and it is also the main destination for visitors. There are several attractions in and around Castries that visitors would…
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    The northern most part of St. Lucia houses the Gros Islet, a small fishing village... Gros Islet keeps visitors close to a number of attractions of the island. The Gros Islet is also the location of the Beausejour Cricket Grounds, which hosts international and test cricket matches. The town still has…
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    The small fishing village of Soufrière is located on the southwestern coast of St. Lucia in West Indies Soufrière has also served as the former capital of St. Lucia during the French reign. This vibrant village is enveloped by a beautiful bay, and excellent views of the village can be seen…
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    A small island country located in the Caribbean Sea, St Lucia is one of the most visited places in West Indies. An all-inclusive resort, St. Lucia has some pristine natural beauty that attracts thousands of visitors every year. The island has a long history and the first inhabitants of the…
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St. Lucia Info



It is a volcanic Island, situated in the eastern Caribbean Sea. You can see soft sandy beaches and magnificent natural harbors in a land area of 620 km2


A population of close to 0.17 Million. Muslims account for about 0.1% of the population.


The climate is tropical, although it is moderated by northeast trade winds. The dry season is from December to May and a wet season from June to November. The average daytime temperatures are around 29 °C.


English is the official language. French Creole is widely used as well.


GMT -4 hrs throughout the year


General: 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM


Independence Day: February 22nd
May Day: May 1st
Emancipation Day: August 1st
Christmas: December 25th
Boxing Day: December 26th


East Caribbean Dollar


Police/Medical/Fire: 999 or 911


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