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  • Slovakia Overview

    A striking destination with several glacial lakes Spanning from the Danube to the Tatra Mountains, Slovakia is a striking destination with several glacial lakes, national parks and charismatic castles. Slovakia offers a variety of outdoor fun; from skiing to rafting, visitors can enjoy a variety of activities. The capital Bratislava and…
  • Bratislava & The 17th Century Castle

    The capital and the largest city of Slovakia, Bratislava gives an interesting view into the European culture, architecture and cuisine. The city is the administrative, cultural and economic centre of the country. The city is divided into two halves by the Danube and both the halves are connected by bridges.

  • Mala Fatra Mountain & The Hiking Range

    Located in the north-west of Central Slovakia is the Mala Fatra Mountains. The mountain range is divided into two subdivisions separated by the Vah River close to Strecno, namely the Lucanska Mala Fatra and the Krivanska Mala Fatra. The Krivanska Mala Fatra is protected by the Mala Fatra National Park.…
  • Spisska Nova Ves - The Hill Village

    The Spisska Nova Ves is a pretty town located in the Kosice Region of Slovakia. The town is located on both the banks of the Hornad River. The town has an interesting historical centre. Spisska Nova Ves is surrounded by beautiful hills and villages.

  • Slovak Paradise National Park

    Located in east Slovakia is the Slovak Paradise National Park. The national park has been established to protect the Slovak Paradise mountain range and spans over an area of 197.63 square kilometres. The Slovak Paradise National Park encompasses eleven national nature reserves and eight nature reserves. There are over 300Km…
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Slovakia Info




A landlocked country located in the central Europe Slovakia has mountainous regions in the north and flat terrain in the south. The country shares land borders with Austria, Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland and Ukraine. Slovakia has an area close to 48,845km².


A population of close to 5.4 Million. Muslims account for about 0.1% of the population.


The annual average temperature at Slovakia is about 9°C to 10°C and the average temperature during the hottest month is close to 20°C and the coldest is about -3°C.


Sloavak is the official language.


GMT+1 hrs


Banks: 9 AM to 6 PM
General: 9 AM to 5 PM

Day of Establishment of Slovakia: January 1st
International Workers Day: May 1st
Day of Victory over fascism: May 8th
Methodius Day: July 5th
Slovak National Uprising Anniversary: August 29th
Christmas Eve: December 24th
Christmas: December 25th



: 112
Police: 158
Medical: 155
Fire: 150

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