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Singapore City Overview

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For the Muslim traveller, Singapore is a treasure-trove of food, shopping and entertainment for the whole family. With about 15 percent of the population being Muslim, Muslim travellers feel welcome in the island city. The array of Halal food available in restaurants certified Halal by the Islamic Religious Council of Singapore is enough to delight any Muslim traveller. From fast food chains to international cuisine, there is a Halal option for even the fussiest eater.

Finding a Masjid (Mosque) in Singapore is not difficult as there are more than 70 mosques spread out over the island. The people are friendly and the English speaking traveller will feel comfortable, as most locals speak English. Mandarin, Hokkien and Malay is also widely spoken. To find the closest prayer facilities, simply ask a Muslim, they will generally be able to help you find one.

Travelling inside Singapore is easy. The MRT (the public train system) and the public bus are comfortable and convenient options. Hotels will often provide free shuttle buses to the nearest MRT station. Alternatively, taxis are readily available too.

There is something for everyone in the family to enjoy. Despite being a city state, Singapore still maintains its tropical forests and greenery. Nature lovers and Sports enthusiasts who are willing to brave the tropical humidity have a wide array of activities to enjoy during their stay in Singapore. There are numerous forest walks (including a treetop walk 25 m above the ground), botanical gardens and even a forest adventure, where both adults and children can admire the tropical forest on a 2 hour aerial course.

The whole family can also enjoy outdoor attractions such as the Singapore Zoo, the Bird Park and the Night Safari. Sentosa Island, located in the South of Singapore boasts a fascinating array of entertainment, including the well known Underwater World, along with a newly built 4D Magix theatre, and ‘Songs of the Sea’; a colourful night light show.

For those who are looking to shop, Orchard Road is the Heart of Singapore’s retail, where one can find the latest fashions and the newest gadgets. The latest addition to it being the long-awaited iconic ION Orchard mall with more than 330 stores situated at the busiest junction of Orchard Road.Visitors wanting a more ‘cultural’ shopping experience can explore the Malay Village, Little India, Chinatown and Arab Street. For those who wish to indulge in late night shopping, where one may find anything and everything, Mustafa Centre is open 24 hours a day.

Singapore has much to offer to those staying for  just a few hours, or even a fortnight. With the ready availability of Halal food and the ease of finding the closest Masjid, Singapore is an excellent stopover for the Muslim traveller, whether for business or leisure.

  • Currencies used in Singapore

    The currency used in Singapore is called "Singapore Dollars".

    It is best to have Singapore Dollars when going around in Singapore so that you can enjoy all that Singapore has to offer, although most major currencies are accepted in the major shopping malls.

  • Singapore City Overview

    For the Muslim traveller, Singapore is a treasure-trove of food, shopping and entertainment for the whole family. With about 15 percent of the population being Muslim, Muslim travellers feel welcome in the island city. The array of Halal food available in restaurants certified Halal by the Islamic Religious Council of…
  • Arab Street in Singapore

    Discover an extensive choice of Halal Food in and around the Arab Street in Singapore. Arab Street is a favourite spot for tourists visiting Singapore. It is one of the few locations in Singapore where the Athan can be heard from a considerable distance from the Masjid. Originally constructed in 1824…
  • Mustafa Centre

    For any shopper who would like to find just about anything in one location.

    Mustafa shopping centre in Little India could be the answer. Located on Syed Alwi Road the shopping centre is one of the few shops in Singapore open 24/7.

  • Halal Food Certification in Singapore

    The Singapore Religious Council better known as MUIS (Majlis Ugama Islam Singapura) is the sole authority in Singapore which can certify restaurants, manufacturing facilities, food outlets etc as Halal. MUIS is a statutory board setup to advise the President of Singapore on all matters relating to Islam in Singapore.

  • Food Courts in Singapore

    Food courts are some of the best places to enjoy Halal food in Singapore. Almost every shopping Mall will have a food court. In general most of the food courts will have one or two food outlets which are halal food. Some of those outlets will indeed carry the certification of…
  • Restaurants & Fast Food Chains in Singapore

    Most of the popular international restaurant/fast food brands are Halal Certified in Singapore. The sole authority in Singapore which provides Halal certification is MUIS. Many of the International chains such as McDonalds, Pizza Hut etc are halal.

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  • Singapore Muslim Visitor Info


    Singapore Halal (Muslim) Friendly Holiday Destination Score


    A population of around 5 Million. Muslims account for about 15% of the population


    It is very easy to find Halal food in Singapore. There are many Halal food & restaurants which are certified Halal by the MUIS, the Halal certification body of Singapore.


    There are close to 70 Mosques (Masjids) in Singapore. It is easy to find a Mosque.  


    There are currently few Halal Friendly Hotels in Singapore which have been granted a Crescentrating. 


    English, Chinese, Malay and Tamil are the four official languages. English is widely spoken.


    MUIS Customer Service: +65 63591199

    Singapore Tourism Board: +65 6736200

  • General Traveller Information on Singapore





    It is an Island, situated at the sothern tip of the Malayan Peninsula between Malaysia and Indonesia. Covering a total land area of 778 km² Singapore has a coastline of 193 km.


    Tropical, humid and heavy rainfall. Temperatures usually range from 23 to 32 °C (73 to 90 °F). There are cloudy conditions in December and January with frequent afternoon showers.

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