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Prayer Times & Qibla Direction

Qiblah Direction

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Map's Center

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How to get the prayer time & qibla direction

  1. Zoom in to the map & click on the location OR
  2. Enter the address of the location on the text area above the map and press "Find" OR
  3. Enter the latitude and longitude of the location (lat ,lon).

A red line will show the Qiblah direction on the map. Zoom in and switch to Hybrid or Satellite Display to determine the Qiblah direction based on the objects around, the buildings and the streets.

The Prayer times (salah / salah / namaz times) are given below

Note: Please note the above timings may vary by a few minutes when compared with the prayer timetable provided by the local mosque (masjid).


IMPORTANT: For Maghrib ending, Isha begining/ending and Fajr begining times during summer in countries with extended daylight (some European and North American countries), please check with the local Masaajid.

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