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  • Doha City Overview

    The capital of Qatar, Doha is situated on the east coast of Qatar and is a rapidly developing modern city. Doha also called as Ad Dawhah in Arabic is a bayside city and serves as the cultural and economic hub of Qatar. Almost 50 percent of the population of the…
  • Museum of Islamic Art, Doha

    Located in the capital of Qatar is the Museum of Islamic Art. The museum itself has a unique design and is the first of its kind in the Persian Gulf area. The exhibits in the museum have been collected for several years by, the royal family of Qatar.

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Qatar Info



Located near major petroleum deposits in the east of Arabia, Qatar is a peninsula. Qatar has a coast line of nearly 563kms and the total land area comes to around 11,437 sq Kms.


A population of close to 1.6 Million. Muslims account for about 77.5% of the population.


Summer at Qatar (June to sep) is very hot while the rain fall will be very low, the maximum Temperature will easily reach 40C or higher. Spring and Autunm tend to be warm while Winter is Cooler with Occasional rainfall.


Arabic is the official language.  English is the most common second language , and most locals would be able to speak basic English.


GMT+3 hrs throughout the year.


Government: 7 AM to 2 PM(Sat- Wed)
General: 8AM to 12PM & 4PM to 7PM (Sat-Thur)

National Day: December 18th
Independance Day: september 3rd

Based on the lunar calandar:
Eid Ul-Fitr
Ed Ul-Adha


Qatar Riyal


Police/Medical/Fire: 999

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