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  • Portugal Overview

    One of the untouched gems of Europe, Portugal has something to suit the interest of everyone.

    Right from exploring traditional villages to enjoying the vibrant cities, Portugal is a pleasing destination. A wide range of historic attractions and World Heritage Sites keep visitors busy throughout their stay.

  • Madeira Island

    A place popular among surfers, Sao Vicente is located in the northern coast of the Madeira Island. The town is built at the foot of a cliff and has beautiful small houses. Surrounded by stunning natural beauty, Sao Vicente is a perfect place to have some fun.

  • Lisbon - The Capital of Seven Hills

    The Portuguese capital of Lisbon is built on seven hills and enjoys superb natural settings. A cosmopolitan city, Lisbon blends tradition with modernity. The café culture and the riverside restaurants add a vibrant touch to the city.

  • Almada and the Tagus River

    Located in the Sesimbra Region of Portugal, Almada is separated from Lisbon by the Tagus River. The city has been home to several famous personalities. There are several people who visit this pretty city every year. The best time to visit Almada is in fall when the weather is pleasant.…
  • Algarve & The Moorish Castle

    One of the most premier holiday destinations of Portugal, Algarve boasts of beautiful beaches, resorts and towns. The area is best visited during the summer months. Located along the Atlantic coastline, Algarve is rich in cultural diversity and a treat for visitors who love to bask in the sun and…
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Portugal Info



Located in the south Western Europe Portugal boarders with Spain and faces the North Atlantic Ocean. The country has a n area of 92,090 km² and the main land's coastline is closer to 943km while the total is closer to 1869 km's. .


A population of close to 11 Million. Muslims account for about 0.1% of the population.


Yearly average temperature in mainland ranges from 12°C to 13°C while in the north mountain areas will be 17°C to 18°C and south its normally a bit warmer than north. Portugal is a country with long summers and comparatively mild winters.


Portuguese is the official language.


GMT +0 hrs
GMT +1 hrs Daylight Saving


General: 8:30 AM to 6 PM

New Year's Day : January 1st
Freedom Day : April 25th
Labour Day : May 1st
Portugal Day : june 10th
Republic Day : October 5th
Restoration of Independence : December 1st
Christmas Day : December 25th




Forest Fire : 117

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