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Experience the Serene Beauty of the Kaghan Valley

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Blessed with splendid natural beauty, the Kaghan Valley is one of the most beautiful places in Pakistan to spend a vacation

Located in the Mansehra District of the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province of Pakistan, Kaghan Valley attracts a number of travelers from around the world. The valley spreads across 160Km and is drained by the Kunhar River. The valley is embraced with alpine meadows, pine forests, mountain streams and crystal clear lakes.

Along the banks of the Kunhar River are the towns of Balakot, Paras, Mahandari, Kaghan and Naran. The people in these towns are quite innocent, peace-loving and friendly. The first stop for visitors to the Kaghan Valley is Balakot. Balakot is a modern town that has good facilities for visitors and you can easily find buses that will take you to Naran. From Balakot when you travel further into the Kaghan Valley, the road leads to the beautiful mountain top of Shogran. From Shogran you can enjoy exotic views of the snow-capped peaks and the trip stands incomplete if you do not visit Siri Lake and the lavish green Paya meadows.

The next main stop on the trip is the town of Kaghan after which the valley finds its name. This town too is quite traveler-friendly with lots of amenities and interesting places to visit. The town of Naran, which is the main destination for visitors is about 24Km from Kaghan. Once in Naran, there are ample places to visit and pleasant surprises to look forward to. The highlight of the Kaghan Valley is the Saif-ul Malook Lake, it is easily accessible from Naran. Located at the base of the Malika Parbat, it is a true marvel of nature. If you are in for an adventurous trek of 5-6 hours then opt for a trek to the beautiful Ansoo Lake, the shape of which resembles a tear-drop.

Moving further up the valley from Naran is the Lalazar Lake. Lalazar is popular for its pleasant ambiance and quiet surroundings. Travelling further up, you will reach the largest lake of the Kaghan Valley, the Lake Lulusar. The lake is the origin of the Kunar River. Travelling further you will reach the 7 lake of the Saat Sur Mala after which is the Babusar Pass.

The best things to shop in the Kaghan Valley include locally manufactured woolen garments and handicraft items. You can also find some beautiful carved furniture made from walnut wood and numda rugs.

Visitors can find a variety of traditional Pakistani dishes and freshly caught and cooked fish at the restaurants in the Kaghan Valley. All the food provided in the area is halal. Most of the guest houses and hotels have small cafes and restaurants that serve delicious dishes.

Finding a Masjid in the Kaghan Valley is not difficult. You can always ask your tour guide or driver to stop at one of the Masaajid in the towns in the valley. Balakot, Kaghan and Naran have Masaajid where you can attend prayers.

Reaching the Kaghan Valley is pretty easy. The area can be reached by road from the towns of Abbottabad and Mansehravia the Karakuram Highway. The best means of visiting the Kaghan Valley is by hiring a vehicle or taxi.

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Pakistan Info




Pakistan is situated in Southern Asia bordering Afghanistan to the north-west and Iran to the west while China borders the country in the north and India to the east.


A population of close to 177 Million. Muslims account for about 95% of the population.


The climate of Pakistan is characterized by hot summers and cool winters and it is generally varied throughout the country. Summer temperatures  may go high as 38°C while in winter it may go low as 4°C.


Urdu and Englsih are the two official languages. Punjabi, Saraik and Pashto are widely used as well.


Summer: GMT +6


Government: 8 AM to 3 PM
General: 9 AM to 5 PM
(In many schools and enterprises, Friday is usually considered a half-day)


Independence Day: August 14th
Pakistan Day: March 23rd
May Day: May 1st
Birthday of Quaid-e-Azam: December 25th

Muslim Festival (Based on the lunar calandar):


Pakistani Rupee


Police/ Emergencies: 15
Medical: 115
Fire: 16

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