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Netherlands Overview

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A small country, Netherlands is famous for its vibrant culture and pleasing atmosphere.

Netherlands is a wonderful location where three major rivers merge into the North Sea. Visitors can enjoy visiting the numerous canals, lakes and beautiful coastlines during their stay in Netherlands.

Rotterdam is a beautiful city with modern architecture that visitors will love to explore. Visit one of the museums in the city or admire the picturesque buildings. The Rotterdam Zoo and Arboretum Trompenburg are excellent to visit. Enjoy some amazing views of the harbor from the Erasmus Bridge.

Delft is a wonderful historic town that has preserved its tradition and architecture well. The beautiful canals and white ceramics are definitely worth seeing. Strolling through the town gives visitors an opportunity to see the beauty of the city closely. The botanical garden is good to explore and visitors can enjoy a boat ride on the canal. The Petting Zoo is a great attraction which kids love. Next to the zoo is a waterpark that has some enjoyable rides. The city is known for its traditional pottery.

The Hoge Veluwe National Park is a large national park with a wide geographical variation ranging from woodlands to sand dunes. Visit the famous Keukenhof flower fields. To see the true Dutch glory visit the Kinderdijk windmills. Located in Kaatsheuvel the Efteling theme park attracts several visitors of all ages. There are rides for everyone to have fun. To enjoy some outdoor fun visit the island of Texel that presents numerous opportunities for swimming, cycling and horseback riding.

Netherlands is a delightful place to enjoy shopping. Visitors can shopping for blue pottery, earthenware, silverware, crystal and glass.

Though Islam is a minority religion in Netherlands, Muslims reside in the major cities of the country and there are over 400 masaajid in the country. The El Tawheed Masjid in Amsterdam is the main masjid in the capital. Finding Halal food in Netherlands is not very difficult and Amsterdam has quite a number of Halal restaurants providing a range of cuisines. Relish pea soup, bitterball, borecole mash potatoes, stoofvlees and Dutch pancakes - for Halal restaurants in the city, please check our Halal Restaurant listing. If there are no restaurants listed for the city, then please make sure you inquire from the locals or the local Halal certifying body what food you could consume and where you could find Halal food/ restaurants in the city.

Netherlands has a well-organized public transport system and all the towns and villages are well-connected by trains and buses. Trains make the backbone of public transport in the country. Intercity trains operate within almost all the cities making traveling convenient. Cars are a good way to visit the countryside and also explore the interiors of a city. Taxis are also a good means of transport.

  • Netherlands Overview

    A small country, Netherlands is famous for its vibrant culture and pleasing atmosphere.

    Netherlands is a wonderful location where three major rivers merge into the North Sea. Visitors can enjoy visiting the numerous canals, lakes and beautiful coastlines during their stay in Netherlands.

  • 'T Loo Palace

    A Dutch Baroque style palace in Apeldoorn, Netherlands, the ‘T Loo Palace is a lavish and expansive palace. The ‘T Loo Palace served as a former royal residence and features a beautiful garden designed by Claude Desgotz. The lavishly adorned interiors give visitors a clear impression about the lifestyle of…
  • The Keukenhof Tulip Garden

    The Keukenhof Tulip Gardens is also popular as the Garden of Europe. Located close to Lisse, Netherlands, the Keukenhof Tulip Gardens is among the largest flower gardens in the world. Every year there are over seven million flower bulbs planted in the park. The park is open every year from…
  • Rotterdam - An Overview

    The second largest city of Netherlands, Rotterdam is built around the river New Meuse. The city is the busiest and the largest port in Europe and is popular for its wonderful architecture. Rotterdam has a number of museums that represent photography, art, culture and history of the area.

  • Saba - The Azure Carribean Island

    A Caribbean island and a special municipality of Netherlands, Saba is a beautiful place to spend some serene time. The beautiful island rises from the azure sea and consists of four fascinating villages. The island offers a number of luxuries and exotic scenes of nature. Hike up the Mount Scenery…
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Netherland Info



Netherlands share boundries with Belgium and Germany, it has a coast of nearly 451 km's and a land area of 33,883 Km².


A population of close to 16.5 Million. Muslims account for about 6% of the population.


With a frequent rain fall and an annual average temperature of 10 °C (50 °F) Netherlands tend to have a maritime climate. The average temperature in january will be around 2 °C (35.6 °F).and the temperature during july will be closer to 19 °C (66.2 °F).


Dutch is the official languages.


GMT+1 hrs
GMT+1hrs  Daylight Saving time


General: 9 AM to 6 PM

New Year's Day : January 1st
Queen's Day : April 30th
Remembrance of the Dead : May 4th
Liberation Day: May 5th
Saint Nicholas Eve : December 5th
Christmas : December 26th




Police/Medical/Fire: 112

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