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6 Tips for eating Halal even when you cannot find Halal restaurants in the destination

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Traveling across the state or across the world can be exciting and a chance to re-charge your internal batteries, a welcome a change of pace and scenery. Finding Halal food and eating Halal in the sky or on the road, however, isn't always as easy. 

Even though the word Halal is beginning to penetrate common everyday lingo across the United States and Europe, it isn't as well-known a term as kosher, vegan, vegetarian or gluten-free diets. That said, restaurants, airlines, hotels and supermarkets may either misunderstand or be completely unaware of the Islamic dietary lifestyle for Muslims that disapproves of pork, alcohol and all their by-products in food Muslims will consume.

So what can you do when you have done your research and do not find Halal food establishments in the destination that you are travelling to?
Here are some simple steps that you can take to ensure that you and your family are eating Halal even when you are traveling to such places:

1 . Pack healthy, Halal snacks and instant food s like oatmeal or couscous to curb your hunger. In the U.S., stores like Trader Joe's and Whole Foods
are great places to find packaged nuts, dried fruits and vegetarian cereal bars without the extra sodium or unhealthy ingredients like MSG.

2. Bring your own utensil s for on-the-go eating and a hot pot for your hotel room. You might find some really cool places to shop for fresh foods in outdoor markets at your destination. You may even be able to have a mini-picnic with your food finds. If you have to stay indoors for breakfast or to get some work done, a hot pot will allow you to make your own food for the meantime. Just be sure to bring an electric outlet adapter if traveling abroad.

3 . Once you arrive, it's time to soak in the fresh change of pace, scenery and people. If you have some time, try the nearest farmers' market . In the United States, the simplest way to search is by going online to Local Harvest , which provides links to the blogs and websites of markets and events surrounding local foods. What a great way to meet people and find fresh, halal foods like fruits, vegetables and organic drinks you can sample and purchase. You may want to visit some of the best farmers markets in the world. For a complete list, check out Hub Pages. Com for the markets listed, which are mainly outside of the United States.

4 . Want to dine out but are confused about which ethnic ingredients may or may not be Halal? Print the Eating Out page on My Halal Kitchen which breaks down the different names for pork or alcohol in food items at Mexican, Italian, French and some American food restaurants.

5 . If you haven't planned much ahead of time, simply shop at local stores for the most natural product s (fruits, vegetables, bread, honey, etc.), as packaged goods seem to have the most questionable ingredients in them. Store them in your hotel refrigerator or buy goods that won't spoil if left out.

6 . When dining out, opt for the least-processed, vegetarian or seafood meal syou can be sure aren't made with pork or alcohol in them. Politely requesting to know more about the preparation of foods as soon as you've had a scan through the menu, will give your server a head's up about your dietary requirements.

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Knowing that you've done everything possible to eat Halal while traveling can really afford you a piece of mind before and during your time away. Alhamdullilah, Islam isn't difficult, and that includes eating Halal.

How do you manage when you travel to a place where there is no Halal Food. Please share your s

Contributed to by Yvonne Maffei, M.A., a food writer, recipe developer, cooking instructor, and the Editor of My Halal Kitchen , a Halal food and cooking blog showcasing culinary tips and healthy Halal recipes .

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