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Sunday, 12 December 2010 20:31

7 tips for planning your next trip

Written by  Crescentrating
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Here are few tips and ideas to consider when you are making your travel plans as a Muslim traveller

1. Hajj

There is no better travel than going on Hajj, if you have not done so yet. If you have all the means necessary to perform Hajj, making a firm intention to perform it soon would be a great idea. You can enjoy immensely when you undertake Hajj while you are young and physically fit. Better not to postpone it, if you have the means now.

 Those who have already done Hajj, why not combine your next holiday trip with Umrah. A visit to Makkah and Madinah always re-invigorates our Iman.

2. Discover Islamic Heritage

Some parts of the world are treasure troves of Islamic heritage. Pick one of those as your holiday destination this year. Visit some of the Islamic Museums around the world. Destinations like Jordan, Syria, Iraq, Iran, Uzbekistan, Kazakstan, Tajikistan, Turkey etc. have a lot to offer to rediscover our heritage and rekindle the passion for innovation and pioneering spirit that we inherited from our ancestors.

3. When you plan your next holiday or business trip, on top of spending some great time on the beaches, shopping etc. here are some ideas to include in your itinerary. 

a. Reconnect with a Relative or a Friend

Keeping ties is so important in Islam. Include in your itinerary a visit to a relative that you have not met for a long time. Re-establish ties. It is said that one of the ways of respecting ones parents who have passed away is to treat their friends/relatives well. On your next trip, pay a visit to your parents' friends and/or relatives and show them the same respect and kindness your parents showed them.

b. Visit a respected Scholar in the city

It was the practice of Muslim Travelers for centuries to always visit the scholars of the cities that they passed by. Make that a part of the itinerary. Visit at least one of the scholars (making proper arrangements) of the city that you travel to.

c. Be a CEFT (Community and Environment Friendly Traveler)

Let's become community and environment conscious travelers. Spare some time to visit the orphanages and community services of the city that you visit. As for being environment friendly, read here some of the things you could do to while travelling in order to minimize the damage to the environment, specially while you stay in Hotels.

4. Salaath and Halal Food

With widespread availability of Halal food now, there is no need to compromise in any way on having Halal food on a journey. Always request/inquire for Halal food in all the places that you visit (Hotels, theme parks, airports..). The more you ask, the more the businesses will understand the need and will make arrangements for making them available.

Same goes for Salaath. Request the Hotels, theme parks, Airports etc. information on prayer facilities. Most of them are beginning to offer these facilities now.

Read here our guide to Halal Food and Prayer facilities in Hotels.

5. Travel duas

Reciting the appropriate Dua while starting a journey, on a journey etc. will not only protect you physically and spiritually, but also your household while you are away. They are easy to memorize. Make a resolution to memorize them asap. These dua(s) are not just for long journeys but equally applicable for leaving for work, shopping, etc. Find some of the Dua(s) here. Read there as well on making the right intentions for Travel and starting with Istikhara

Now there are also many options to carry a Quran with you while travelling so that you do not have to discontinue reading while travelling.

6. Choose Halal friendly locations and services

More and more travel destinations around the world are beginning to include at least the basic services and facilities (Halal Food, prayer information etc). Choose those services and facilities so that you could travel with peace of mind.

7. Don't borrow to go on a Holiday

When you see your neighbors, relatives and friends going on a holiday, and if you cannot afford to; there is a temptation to get into debt for going on a holiday. In some countries, this has given rise to serious social issues. When you are not even required to go on Hajj by going in to debt, there is no justification to take a "break" by breaking down your own finances.


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