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Tuesday, 24 April 2012 01:36

How to Manage Motion Sickness

Written by  Crescentrating
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Commonly known as feeling giddy, motion sickness is an acute condition that people are exposed to when they feel faint, lightheaded, dizzy, nauseated or worse; when they travel. This condition may occur in any motion such as fast cars, boat rides, rollercoaster rides, train and even planes. The passive movement of the body during the trip taken in such a journey affects almost all people.

Many take several types of drugs to calm the symptoms in the hope that the journey begins and ends comfortably. These are some of the ways I came across from different people who managed motion sickness with natural ways of alleviation without taking prescription medicines;

1. Sucking on a sweet or candy
- The idea here is to manage the balance of airflow within our body which in turn would settle the stomach as well and then keeps nausea and other symptoms calm. Preferably ginger and peppermint, because these herbs are proven to help.

2. Carbohydrate content
- many people say that if they have something like buns, croissants or bagels before they travel their stomach is settled. With some research I realized that this is possibly because the over-the-counter drugs available have a content of carbohydrate too.

3. Strategically placing yourself
- stay away from areas of the vehicle that affect the symptoms most. Focus on faraway places, like the far end of the road, the runway, a scenic area or any general stable horizon.

4. Spiritual Alleviation
- keep in mind that reciting your Du'ahs and remembering the one above makes you feel calm and collected. This is a key factor in order for many other methods to work.

Pre travel meals - best to avoid salty, spicy and greasy foods. Keep away from dairy foods as well. Remember alcohol and smoking mostly trigger rather than settle these situations.

Smelly situation - avoid disagreeable odors of any kind.

7. Breath control
- Practice deep breathing. Inhale sharply and exhale fast. Remember breath in from the nose and blow out from the mouth.

8. Yawn
- don't try to look to be prim, proper and polite. Yawning opens up the ducts and lets fresh air seep in. This too assists in calming the system.

Most of us know how hard motion sickness can get, mostly because it scares many people from the mere thought of traveling. Traveling is one of the best aspects of living life and it's time we take control of these barriers. Try these methods and it just may work!


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