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A metropolitan borough of the Greater Manchester area, Salford is a city with a promising future. The city has a beautiful waterfront and a wonderful countryside environment for visitors to have a great time. The city is located along the River Irwell and borders the city of Manchester. Salford is quite diverse and has an urban city center.

Halaal Tourism Becoming a Lucrative Industry

By Shezna Shums/

Halaal tourism is now becoming increasingly popular and is considered a lucrative market as research shows that this segment has a huge spending power.

The Halaal tourist at least spends twice the average of the normal traveller. This was one of the pointers highlighted at a presentation on Halaal Friendly Tourism organised by Crescentrating & Utopia Vacations last Tuesday (12).

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Sri Lanka Must Tap Into Lucrative 'Halal' Tourism Market: Expert

by Zulfath Saheed/

Sri Lanka's travel and tourism can reap the benefits of a burgeoning halal conscious consumer segment, primarily middle eastern travelers who are growing in volume and account for a higher percentage of travel spend, said an industry expert.

Muslim Travelers and the Hospitality Industry - A Workshop by Crescentrating & Utopia Vacations

The Hotel Workshop held at Colombo's very own Galadari on July 12th, 2011 was a fantastic and informative event for hoteliers island-wide. Hosted by Crescentrating and Utopia Vacations, the workshop included speakers Fazal Bahardeen, the CEO of Crescentrating, Sheik Rayees Mufti, a member of the ACJU Halal Certification Committee and Munshif Hussain, a consultant for the systems and processes of the ACJU.

The Baltimore Harbor is one of the most visited areas in the city of Baltimore. The harbor has a lot of historic significance and has been one of the main ports of the United States since 1700s. Today the harbor is much of a cultural center with a variety of restaurants, cafes and lots of shopping outlets.

The city of Preston is located in the Lancashire County in northern England. It is the largest city in the county of Lancashire and was a major port and industrial center in the past. It is one of the few cities that has managed to maintain the "old northern" culture. The city is located midway between Bolton and Blackpool.

Horseshoe Bend in Arizona, USA

One of nature's wonders, the Horseshoe Bend in Arizona is the name given to a horseshoe-shaped twist of the Colorado River. It is located close to the town of Page and is also called the King Bend. The Horseshoe Bend is located in the Glen Canyon National Recreation Area and is about 5 miles from the Lake Powell and the Glen Canyon Dam. 

Situated in the Inner Harbor area of Baltimore, the National Aquarium opened in 1981 and houses over 16,500 specimens. The aquarium is often called the Baltimore Aquarium in order to avoid confusion with the National Aquarium, Washington D.C. The Aquarium is divided into three buildings, namely Pier 3 Pavilion, Pier 4 Pavilion and the Glass Pavilion. Every building has a café and a gift shop.

Located in the heart of Greater Manchester in northwest England, Manchester is often referred to as the "second city" of England. The city is popular for its music culture and thriving performing arts. The rejuvenated look of the city is brilliant and gives travelers a number of opportunities to enjoy and have a great time.

Liverpool a classy city with a long history and is full of culture, heritage and excitement. It is an internationally known city located in north-west England. Liverpool also boasts of an impressive university and beautiful surroundings. Situated in Merseyside, the city is popular for music and sports.

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