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Muslim Travel Guides – Sign of a Growing Travel Industry Trend | by Maria Zain on DinarStandard

Writes on the emerging market of Halal Friendly travel and the innovations happening to develop this segment of the Industry.

Read the full article here

Published in Media coverage

Berita Harian, the leading Malay daily of Singapore has listed today its top business stories of 2010 in the Malay/Muslim business community of Singapore.

Crescentrating's Halal Journal Award at the World Halal Forum in June 2010 has been recognised as one of top stories.

Read the full article (in Malay).

"Rencah dunia perniagaan 2010

Apakah yang menarik berlaku pada 2010 dalam dunia perniagaan masyarakat Melayu/Islam setempat? Ikuti peristiwa hangat, menarik dan bersejarah yang disorot dalam laporan ( This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. )"

Published in Media coverage

"Travelling as a Muslim is not different as compared to travelling before becoming a Muslim, as long as certain guidelines are adhered to. Tourists, Muslim or not, are required to be respectful of their place of travels, to represent themselves and their own country in a positive light. For new Muslims, there is now a bigger obligation to represent Islam as a religion of knowledge and beauty."...

"Crescentrating, pools Muslim-friendly accommodation, halal-dining facilities, masjids, du’as for travelling Muslims, airports with prayer facilities, Muslim-friendly activities in various countries, amongst others."

Read here the full report here : : Travel the World Muslim Style by Maria Zain

Published in Media coverage

Voice of America reports on the rise of Halal Friendly Travel and the economic benefits that it could bring even to places like Britain.

Read here the full report : Voice of America : World Halal Travel Industry Grows

Published in Media coverage

Berita Harian, the leading Malay newspaper in Singapore and The Halal Journal reports on the Coorperation between Crescentrating and Halal India, to promote Halal Friendly Travel in India.

Berita Harian: Laman web khidmat halal meterai kerjasama dengan Halal India

The Halal Journal : Crescentrating and Halal India announces partnership

Published in Media coverage

Rushdi Siddiqui, the Global Head of Islamic Finance at Thomson Reuters, in this special report on Gulf News acknowledges the contributions to the Sharia investing and in general to the Halal Industry. He states "These people cum institutions are the ‘unsung stars' of this niche market, and they need to be acknowledged". Mentions Crescentrating in the 4F's area..

Read the full report here

Published in Media coverage

Crescentrating launched its first mobile application for Android phones in October 2010. The applications' launch has been covered by TTG TravelHub, AMEInfo, HalalFocus, The Halal Journal, MuslimVillage

Published in Media coverage

Sankei Biz article on Crescentrating and Muslim Travel market | Monday 20th, September 2010

The article is wriiten by the Singapore Bureau Chief, Miyano Hiroyuki, based on a recent interview he did with Fazal Bahardeen, CEO Crescentrating.

Read the full article here (in Japanese)

Published in Media coverage

Dry hotels are losing 30% on the bottom line |Hotelier Middle East by Hotelier Middle East Staff, Thursday, September 16 2010

According to this report, Hotels loose 30% on their profits margins, when they chose not to serve Alcohol in the Hotel. Some Hotel managers interviewed in the report say that this can never be made up with any other activities in the hotel (Assume what is meant here as 30% drop is the drop in the profit margins as a percentage)

It will be good to do some more research on the subject. There are many restaurants especially in Asia which have gone "Halal" and then increased their revenue. They continue to expand their Halal outlets !

As far as Crescentrating for Hotels; being an alcohol free Hotel is one of the minimum requirements for the Hotel to be granted a Crescentrating of 6 or 7.

Read the full article here

Published in Media coverage

Hotels choose halal to woo Muslim tourists | Business Daily (Africa) by WANGUI MAINA, Thursday, September 16 2010

According to this report, countries like Kenya may be looking at getting some properties as Halal Friendly.

According to a Travel agent there, Mr Mohammed Jamaa of Sagal Travel, there is demand for this kind of travel and it is gaining popularity.

Somehowe most of these articles seems to focus on "seperate areas for men and women".  In reality, in our rating this is only looked at when we look at granting a Crescentrating of 7 to a Hotel.

Read the full article here

Published in Media coverage
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