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Monday, 05 July 2010 15:46

Guide to Salaath facilities in Hotels

Written by  Crescentrating
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More and more Hotels are now providing the information on prayer times, Qiblah directions etc for their guests. Here how you could know which ones are offered by a Hotel based on the icons we have developed.

Qiblah direction

Travellers should note that unless you have a sophisticated compass, you cannot rely on the direction given by the average compass inside a hotel room. If there are no indications in the Room, you should always ask the front desk or concierge for the Qiblah direction.

The chances of them knowing is getting higher and higher due to more and more muslims travelling now, especially if it is a Crescentrated Hotel. Our Google map based Qiblah direction finder tool also allows you to find the Qiblah direction of any location.

01 guest queries hotelThe minimum requirement for a Hotel to be Crescentrated is that at least some staff in the Hotel are able to answer querries from guests regarding Prayer direction, time table, halal food etc. This is indicated by the icon on the left in the Hotel listing.

05 qiblah direction roomMore and more Hotels, especially in the Asia Pacific region and of course in the Middle East, are having the Qiblah directions indicated in the rooms now. In our Hotel listing the icon on the left indicates that the Qiblah directions are indicated in the rooms. The place where the Hotel has placed this indicator may not be always very obvious. Generally they are placed on the ceiling, wall or inside a drawer. If you cannot locate it in the room, give a call to housekeeping and they will let you know where to locate it. 

Prayer time table

06 prayer time room

02 prayer time hotelThe first icon on the left indicates that the prayer time table is placed in all the rooms of the Hotel. This is mostly true only in Muslim countries. If the hotel can provide prayer time table on request, the hotel listing will have the second icon on the left. More and more Hotels now have prayer time tables at the concierge or front desk. It is a minimum requirement for Crescentrating a Hotel. 

Prayer Mats 

07 prayer rug room03 prayer rug hotelThe first icon on the left indicates that all rooms of the Hotel is provided with Prayer mats and the icon on the right indicates that the Hotel can provide prayer mats on request. Some Hotels are reluctant to place the Prayer mats in each rooms since guest who are not familiar with the prayer mats may use it for other purposes. 

Female prayer dress

female prayer gowns hotel 50x50

Some Hotels, especially in Malaysia and Singapore do provide prayer dresses for females on request. This icon will be listed if they do.

Prayer Rooms and Masaajid

04 male female prayer rooms hotelThis icon indicates that the Hotel has male and female prayer facilities in the Hotel. This is the case in most Hotels in Mulsim countries, especially in Malaysia. This is very convient for any visitors to the Hotel.

08 masjid list room08 masjid list front deskThese two icons indicate whether the Hotel provides the list of Masaajid in the vicinity; has the list in the rooms or at the front desk. Unfortunately not many Hotels provide this service yet.

09 masjid walk vicinityThis icon indicate whether there are masaajid in the vicinity of the Hotel.

 "Truly, those who believe and do righteous deeds, and perform Salah, and give Zakah, they will have their reward with their Lord. On them shall be no fear, nor shall they grieve." (Quran 2:277)


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