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‘Eco-arm' Your Home While You Travel

Many consumers have become more eco-friendly with their travel plans over the recent years. From the boom of more environmentally friendly hotel and holiday destinations to finding more energy conserving ways to travel, such as utilizing public transportation rather than renting private vehicles. But as a whole, have we thought of the adjustments we can make in our home while we are away? These little changes are not only greener solutions but some of them can also save you a bit of money.

5 Destinations Future Generations May Not Know About

Great Barrier Reef

One of the largest biological organisms in the world, the Great Barrier Reef is visible from outer space... but it might not be for long. Other than the sporadic oil spills which severely damage the reef, Australia's popular tourist destination is being affected daily by pollution, resulting in declining water quality. Littering tourists and excessive fishing are to blame for the reef's decline but 90% of the pollution is due to ‘farm run-off'. Farm run-off is when contaminated soil is flooded from rain and flows over the land into nearby rivers. Vast tracts of the reef have been polluted and without the proper care, future generations will be left with little to see of the once-thriving reef.

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Today, there is an increased awareness of environmental impacts of agriculture, with heavy criticisms made on the amount of inefficient water usage, as well as harmful pesticides, herbicides and fungicides used in farming. Many unsustainable farming methods are the source of eutrophication and soil degradation in the environment. On the other hand, farming is a necessity, and although it could be improved and made more sustainable, no one can say that we don't need farms.

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Mangroves are being exploited and destroyed today to be converted to farmland; other causes for destruction include logging and shrimp farming. Destruction of mangroves not only damages the immediate ecosystem, it may also affect habitats such as coral reefs located further into the sea by raising sediment levels.

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Being environment friendly is indeed to be Halal conscious.

We have been taught in numerous verses of the Quran and Hadith to be environment friendly ! The current worldwide emphasis on this is a good opportunity for us to focus on these teachings, and see how far we can go in adhereing to them.

Taking care not to litter when traveling - 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 vote

While on a holiday we tend to be bit more relaxed about how we dispose of rubbish or things that we do not need. Shopping bags, food packages, left over food, plastic bottles etc. end up in places which can harm not only the environment but even humans and animals. Whether travelling through a rainforest, sea, city or village, a traveller is often less careful than at home when it comes to littering.

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Waterfalls may be seen as some of the most beautiful river formations in the world. They are essentially places where the river water drops sharply, due to a sudden change in the river gradient. There are many different types of waterfalls of various forms.

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Of all natural habitats on earth, rainforests have some of the highest biodiversity. This means that they hold the largest ranges of plant and animal species; a single section of rainforest may have a higher biodiversity than an entire temperate forest.

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