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  • Moldova Overview

    Moldova is a multi-ethic country with beautiful lakes, villages and lush valleys.

    A small country tucked between Romania and Ukraine, Moldova is a multi-ethnic country with beautiful lakes, villages and lush valleys. Visitors to Moldova will find the people the people there quite friendly and very welcoming.

  • Kishinev - The White City

    The capital of Moldova, Chisinau is a wealthy city with fashionable people and a bustling scene. Retaining its old European splendour, Chisinau is at times referred to as the White City because most of the buildings are white in colour. The city is located along the Bik River and spans…
  • Orhei - The Moldova's Charm

    Located about 50Km from Chisinau in Moldova is the city of Orhei. The city is settled around the banks of the Raut River. The town is surrounded by beautiful natural scenery and has a rich history. The countryside of Orhei is good to explore and you can also visit the…
  • Soroca Fortress & The Medieval Town

    Sitting in the city of Soroca is the historical Soroca Fortress. In the Medieval times, the fortress has played an important role in the defence system of the country. The fortress was originally built of wood during the rule of Stephen the Great. Later under the rule of Petru Rares,…
  • Dubasari Hydroelectric Power Plant

    The Dubasari hydroelectric power plant is located on the Dniester River also known as the Nistru River. The Dubasari hydroelectric power plant was built in 1951-1954. The hydroelectric plant is a result of the Dubasari Dam and the station has a capacity of 48MW.

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Moldova Info



Located between Romania and Ukraine, Moldova is a landlocked country and the total area is close to 33,843 km².


A population of close to 3.5 Million. Muslims account for about 0.4% of the population.


The Average temperature during summer at Moldova is close to 20°C, The country experiences Long and warm summers while the winter average temperature is nearly -4°C.


Romanian and Russian are the two official languages.


GMT+2 hrs
GMT+3 hrs Summer Time.


General: 8 AM to 5 PM


International Women's Day: March 8th
Labour Day : May 1st
Victory & Commemoration Day: May 9th
Independence Day : Augest 27th


Moldovan leu


Police: 902
Medical: 903
Fire: 901

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