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  • Libya Overview

    Libya boasts of a varied topography. Most of the country is desert or semi-desert. Moving towards the north Libya prides in having the longest coastline of any African Country. From the mesmerizing dunes of Idehan Murzuq to the traditional oasis towns of Ghadamis and Ghat and from the beautiful Ubari…
  • Tripoli Overview

    Retaining much of its historical heritage, Tripoli, the capital city of Libya is a stunning destination for travellers to visit. Tripoli is located along the best natural harbour of North Africa and features an exclusive Mediterranean charm coupled with the Arabic-Islamic touch. It is the most cosmopolitan and largest city of…
  • Travel to the Calmness of Ghadamis

    Relax and unwind in the calmness and beauty of Ghadamis, Libya In south-western Libya is the oasis town of Ghadamis. Located close to the borders of Algeria and Tunisia, the town is a soothing place to relax and enjoy the peace and calmness that it has to offer. The old town…
  • The City since 500BC - Sabratha

    Travel back in time exploring The Ancient City of Sabratha, Libya The westernmost city of the three cities of Tripolis, Sabratha is an archaeological site desclared as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The port of Sabratha was initially established in 500 BC and during that time served as a channel for…
  • Explore the Roman Ruins of Leptis Magna

    Travel to the Roman Ruins of Leptis Magna in Al Khums, Libya Rated among the top travel destinations in Libya, the Ruins of Leptis Magna are definitely worth visiting. Leptis Magna is also one of the most important Roman sites outside Rome. A visit to Leptis Magna will reveal to tourist…
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Libya Info



Libya is fourth in size among the countries of Africa and it's coastline is the longest of any African country bordering the Mediterranean. Libya covers an area over 1,759,540 square kilometres.



A population of close to 6.6 Million. Muslims account for about 97% of the population.


The climate is Mediterranean, with warm summers and mild winters in the coastal lowlands. In the highlands, the weather is cooler. Summers can be very hot in the deserts.


Arabic is the official language. Berber and English are widely used as well.


GMT+2 hrs throughout the year


Government: 8 AM to 2 PM
General: 8 AM to 4 PM
(Saturday to Wednesday are the working days of the week.Thursday & Friday are considered as weekends)


Independence Day: December 24th
Jamahiriya Day: March 2nd
British Evacuation Day: March 28th
Day of Mourning: October 26th

Muslim Festivals (Based on the lunar calandar):
Islamic New Year


Libyan Dinar


Police/ Emergencies: 193
Medical: 119

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