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You are here: Mohammad al-Amin Masjid, Beirut

Mohammad al-Amin Masjid, Beirut

Mohammad al-Amin Masjid in Beirut, the capital of Lebanon

The Mohammad al-Amin Masjid is one of the most impressive structures in the capital of Lebanon, Beirut. The masjid was built between 2002 and 2007 during the reign of the former Prime Minister of the country Rafik Hariri who is buried next to this masjid. It was inaugurated in October 2008 by, Saad Hariri, the son of Rafik Hariri.

The architecture of the masjid is clearly inspired by the Ottoman style as mentioned by, architect Azmi Fakhuri. The minarets of the masjid soar to 72 meters and the dome to about 42 meters. The dome of the masjid is blue in color with a touch of gold whereas the remaining structure of yellow ochre in color. It spans over four floors encompassing a floor area of 10,700 m2. The interior is amazing with fine artwork, stained glasses and carpeting. Chandeliers hang from the ceiling giving the masjid a royal look.

Additional Info

  • Common Name: Hariri Mosque
  • Address: Bechara El Khoury
  • Locality: Downtown Beirut
  • Postal Code: NA
  • Country: Singapore
  • Telephone: NA
  • Fax: NA
  • Email: NA
  • Website: NA
  • Main languages used: Arabic
  • Jumu'ah Salaath: Yes
  • Jumu'ah Sermon: Arabic
  • Facilities available: Female prayer section, Wudu facilities for ladies, Toilets, Parking
  • Halal restaurants: At walking distance
  • Opening hours: NA
  • Remarks: NA

Lebanon Info



The area of Lebanon comes closer to 10,452 sq Km's and due to its long rectangular shape, The islands Length is almost three times than its width.Lebanon has a coast Line of 225km's.


A population of close to 4.2 Million. Muslims account for about 59.7% of the population.


Lebanon has a long hot and dry summer while the winter tend to be short and rainy. Average temperature's close to 20°C (68°F). Autumn and spring promises a warm and pleasant climate which will be ideal for visitors.


Arabic is the official language. French & English are widely used as well.


GMT+2 hrs
GMT +1 hr Day Light saving time.


Government: 8 AM to 2 PM
General: 8 AM to 5 PM

New Years Day: January 1st
Armenian Christmas : January 6th
St. Maroun Day: February 9th
Labor Day : May 1st
Ascention : August 15th
Independence Day : November 22nd
Christmas Day : December 25th

Based on the lunar calandar:
Eid Al-Fitre
Eid Al-Adha
Islamic New Year(Muharram 1st)
Prophet Mohammad(pbuh) Birthday


Lebanese Pounds


Police: 112or 999
Medical: 140
Fire: 175

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