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  • Nakuru National Park

     Located in Central Kenya about 140Km from Nairobi is the Nakuru National Park. The park is ranked as a Premium Park in the country and is a recommended visit for bird lovers. The park was created in 1961 and includes the Nakuru Lake and the forest land surrounding the lake.…
  • Masai Mara National Reserve, Kenya

    The Masai Mara National Reserve is an expansive game reserve located in south-western Kenya Named after the Maasai community, the traditional inhabitants of the area, this national reserve is famous for lions, cheetah and annual migration of several animals including zebra and Thomson's gazelle. The Masai Mara National Reserve is visited…
  • Mombasa Overview

    The gateway to the coast of Kenya, Mombasa is one of the best travel destinations in Kenya. When Ibn Battuta visited Mombasa in the 14th century, it was a small commercial centre, which later on became one of the most important port cities along the East African Coast. Today Mombasa…
  • Kenya Overview

    A jewel of East Africa, Kenya is located along the Indian Ocean. Kenya is a beautiful country with dramatic landscapes, emerald waters, sandy beaches, spanning desert and striking snow-capped mountains too. Travellers to Kenya enjoy amazing adventure activities like bird watching, mountaineering, safaris and much more.

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Kenya Info



Kenya is a East African country with a total area of 580,000 km2. It is bordered by Uganda to the west, Tanzania to the south, Ethiopia to the north, South Sudan to the north-west and Somalia to the north-east. It has a coastline on the Indian Ocean too.


A population of close to 41 Million. Muslims account for about 10% of the population.


The climate varies by regions.The country receives a great deal of sunshine throughout the year. In the inlands the climate is arid but cool at night and early in the morning. Along the coast the climate is temperate.


Swahili and English are the two official languages.


GMT+3 hrs throughout the year


General: 8 AM to 5 PM


Independence Day: December 12th
May Day: May 1st
Boxing Day: December 26th
Christmas: December 25th

Muslim Festival (Based on the lunar calandar):


Kenyan shilling


Police/Medical/Fire: 999

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