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Tripoli Overview

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Retaining much of its historical heritage, Tripoli, the capital city of Libya is a stunning destination for travellers to visit.

Tripoli is located along the best natural harbour of North Africa and features an exclusive Mediterranean charm coupled with the Arabic-Islamic touch. It is the most cosmopolitan and largest city of Libya that has beautifully preserved its history. Walking through the city is the best way to explore it. Taxis are also a useful conveyance in the city.

The old town of Tripoli or better called as medina is still unspoilt and has narrow alleys that lead to traditional masjids, houses and souks. The architecture of the city is a fusion of several eras like Turkish, Maltese, and Spanish with an Italian influence. There are three gates that provide entry to the old town namely Bab Zanata, Bab Hawara and Bab Al-Bahr.

The most prominent landmark in the city is the Assaraya al-Hamra or the Red Castle, which spreads across 13,000 square meters. The fortress houses a maze of buildings and courtyards. A short distance from the fortress is the Green Square that has the Jamahiriya Museum, the national museum of Libya. The museum is home to several artefacts from the Greek and Roman periods.

The Gurgi and Karamanli Masaajid have been beautifully designed with extensive tile work and artistry. Outside the Gurgi Masjid is the Arch of Marcus Aurelius, which is the only surviving Roman monument in the city. There are several other palaces that are being reinstated. The Peoples Palace is another stunning monument that visitors should see during their visit to the city. The Karamanli House is located close to the palace of Tripoli is a lovely place for travellers to see. Some of the rooms in the house have been set up for display with dolls acting the everyday life.

The city walls are still in good condition and travellers can climb these walls to get some exclusive views of Tripoli. There are also some charming beaches in the city for travellers to enjoy. The harbour area too is a great place to visit. The seafront is lovely to take a walk in the evening.

Alcohol is not allowed in Libya and travellers can easily find halal food in the city. Most of the restaurants serve affordable food and the cuisine is usually Arabic. Travellers can also enjoy Libyan food and also dine at a few places that serve western food. The food is generally spicy and the most popular delicacies include seafood couscous, spicy potatoes, kebabs and salads.

Downtown Tripoli has some wonderful branded shops for visitors to enjoy shopping. The Green Square, souks in the medina and Gargarish Road are also excellent places to shop. The best buys in the city are local handicrafts, clothes, electronics and souvenirs.

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