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Libya Overview

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Libya boasts of a varied topography. Most of the country is desert or semi-desert. Moving towards the north Libya prides in having the longest coastline of any African Country. From the mesmerizing dunes of Idehan Murzuq to the traditional oasis towns of Ghadamis and Ghat and from the beautiful Ubari Lakes to the rolling Akakus Mountains, Libya presents travellers with a wide variety of natural attractions to be amazed.

The capital of Libya, Tripoli is still an unexplored jewel in North Africa. With whitewashed buildings, a bustling medina and beautiful harbour, Tripoli has a number of interesting historical sites for travellers to visit. The Gurgi and Karamanli masaajid with their attractive tile work and intricate artistry impress the visitors. Gates leading to the old town or medina offer a lovely site for travellers to see.

The Assaraya al-Hamra (Red Castle), Peoples Palace and the Green Square are excellent attractions. The Jamahiriya Museum in the Red Castle is the national museum of Libya. There are several palaces from the Karamanli period that are being restored. There are a number of shops in the Green Square and Gargarish Road where travellers can shop. Halal food can easily be located in Tripoli. Travellers can enjoy a variety of western, Arabian, Moroccan and Libyan cuisines in the city.

Benghazi is the second largest city of Libya and has several industries and organizations in competition to Tripoli. The city has several natural attractions including the zoological park, a theme park in Al-Fuwayhat, the 23rd of July Park and the Al-Buduzira Park. The Atiq Masjid in Maydan al-Huriya is the oldest masjid in the city. Shopping in the city can be enjoyed at the Dubai Street. Benghazi has a variety of Libyan, Turkish and western restaurants where travellers can relish some great food.

Shahhat, an ancient town is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The town is located in north-eastern Libya along the Mediterranean coast.

Sabha is the capital of the Sabha municipality and an interesting place to visit. The Sabha Fort stands on a hill that visitors can see from outside as it is closed for sightseeing. However travellers can visit the old town of Sabha, which even though deserted is quite enticing to move around. There is also a gold souk next to the old town.

Ghadamis is a serene old city, which was thoughtfully built to deal with the high temperatures during the summers. Most of the residents of the city have moved towards the modern establishment nearby but often return to this old city to beat the heat. The D'jmaa al-Kabir Masjid, House Museum and Mulberry Square are worth seeing. Close to the town are the Zallaf Sand Dunes around which are the Saline Lakes.

Libya has several beaches where travellers and locals love to escape to enjoy some fun time away from the metropolitan life of Tripoli and Benghazi.

Exploring Libya is truly exciting. With desert towns on one side and vibrant metro cities on the other, visitors will surely have a fun time travelling around this awesome country.

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