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Sousse Overview

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Sousse, also called as Susah is a maritime city in Tunisia. Located on the eastern coast of the country, Sousse is one of the main cities through which the caravan of Ibn Battuta passed after departing from Tunis in 1325. In the ancient times the town was called as the 'the pearl of the Sahel' because of its numerous delights and the fertile soil.

Today, Sousse is a modern resort town about two hours away from Tunis. The lovely mild climate and the impressive Mediterranean shoreline attract several travellers. Sousse has been proclaimed as UNESCO World Heritage Site because of its authentic medina or the old city.

The old city or the medina is the main appeal of the city. One of the finest medinas of Tunisia, travellers can enjoy walking through the alleys of the area and have a look at the colourful stalls and buy authentic handicrafts and other items.

Sousse has a number of ancient Masaajid with the main being the Great Masjid built in 850A.D. It is located in the centre of the city and has an angular Arabic architecture. The Ribat, an Islamic monastery built in the 8th century is a wonderful place for Muslims to visit. The monastery resembles a fortress with a watchtower and walls with small openings. Climbing the watchtower visitors can see stunning views of the medina, sea and the harbour. From the top travellers can also enjoy views of the courtyard of the Great masjid and the courtyard of the Ribat.

On the edge of the medina is the Mosaic Museum that houses artefacts from the Byzantine, Romans, Punics and Christian times. The Traditional Tunisian House is located in the old city and originally belonged to a Tunisian family. Today the house is a museum and travellers will be amazed by the charm of the house as they walk through the courtyard and the rooms. There is also a tower in the house, which was used by the family to watch moon/stars in Ramadan or the spectacular views of the sea.

The Catacombs in the western suburbs of the city is an amazing network of underground passages that will leave the travellers in awe. The El Koubba was built in the 11th century and is a unique zigzag ribbing style building. It is also a museum that shows the simplicity of the lifestyle of Tunisians.

No visit to Sousse is complete without having fun at the beach. The beaches of the city are popular as family picnic spots. The main beaches are Main Boujaffar Beachfront, The Promenade, The Coralia Club Palm Beach, Hammam Beach and Occidental Allegro Abou Sofiane. Visitors can enjoy several water sports at the beaches.

Have fun shopping around the souks of the medina. Leatherwear and carpets are a favourite among travellers. The Soula Shopping Centre is the largest shopping complex in the city. Also enjoy shopping at the Weekend Market and Country Market.

Eating in Sousse is a delight. There are a variety of halal restaurants serving Arabic, French, and Tunisian and Western cuisine.

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