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Iran Overview

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The area of Iran has been inhabited by humans since 2800 BC. The area became popular for its Persian literature, medicine, mathematics and astronomy. The Persian culture has a had a lot of influence in the region. Located between the Gulf of Oman, Persian Gulf, and the Caspian Sea, it was known as Persia till 1935. Iran was established as an Islamic republic in 1979.

Tehran is a vibrant city and the capital of Iran. The city is located at the base of the Alborz mountain range and boasts of parks, museums and a wide range of restaurants. The Treasury of the National Jewels, National Museum of Iran, Milad Tower, Jamshidieh Park, Golestan palace, Niavaran palace, Glassware Museum of Tehran and the Saadabad Palace are some of the prominent sites in the city. Tehran has a number of shopping centres and bazars for travellers to shop.

Esfahan is located in central Iran and is thought to be one of the most beautiful cities in the country. Esfahan is an ancient town and served as the capital of Persia from 1598 to 1722. The intricate architecture and the tree-lined avenues are quite impressive. The city has some stunning masaajid, which are renowned all over the world. The Naqsh-e Jahan Square houses two masaajid and the market. The other sites to visit in the city are Meydan Kohne, Chaharbagh Boulevard, Shahshahan square and the Chaharbagh-e-khajou. Esfahan boasts of beautiful palaces like Ali Qapu or the Royal Palace, Hasht Behesht, Chehel Sotoun and Talar Ashraf. The Flower Garden and Birds Garden are also worth visiting. The Esfahan carpets are famous all around the world.

Hamedan is among the oldest cities in Iran. There are several historic monuments and mausoleums in the city. Some of the main sites include Baba Tahir Mausoleum, Avicenna (Abu Ali Sina) Ibn Sina mausoleum, Nazari House, Ester & Mordekhai tomb, Mohammadi House, Hamadan Stone Lion, Gonbad-e Alavian and the Excavated Ancient Ekbatana City. About 100Km from Hamedan is the Ali Sadr Cave, one of the largest water caves in the world.

The capital of the Fars province in central Iran, Shiraz is a stunning city. There are several points of interest throughout the city. The main entrance gate of the city is called as the Dar vazeh Quran. The Hafez Tomb is the tomb of the mausoleum of Hafez, a great Persian poet. The Saadi Tomb, Arg of Karim Khan are also prominent sites. Have fun at the Eram Gardens and Afif abad Garden. The Delgosha Garden and Narangestan Qavam are also recommended sites. Shiraz has a number of masaajid like the Jame'e Atigh Masjid, Vakil Masjid and the Nasir al-Mulk Masjid. Shopping can be enjoyed at the Vakil Bazaar an ancient market. There are several shopping centres in the city too where travellers can shop.

Fragrant rice is the main food in the country. A variety of kebabs can be relished throughout the country. Travellers can also enjoy a stomach filling Iranian soup. Flat bread or Nan is another important dish in the Iranian cuisine. Also taste the local snack abgusht made of chickpeas, lamb and dried limes. Do not forget to taste the sweets in Iran, the shirini and Iranian baghlava are a treat for sweet lovers.

Ibn Battuta after spending some time in Basra thought of travelling to Baghdad. However rather than travelling up the Tigris, he considered moving towards the mountains of Persian Luristan. After leaving Basra his next main stop was at Isfahan in the Jibal province.


  • Iran Overview

    The area of Iran has been inhabited by humans since 2800 BC. The area became popular for its Persian literature, medicine, mathematics and astronomy. The Persian culture has a had a lot of influence in the region. Located between the Gulf of Oman, Persian Gulf, and the Caspian Sea, it…
  • Esfahan Overview

    Esfahan is a jewel of ancient Persia and one of the best cities in Iran. From Basra Ibn Battuta started travelling with an aim to reach Baghdad but took a lengthier route traversing Iran and Esfahan was his next main stop.

  • Shiraz Overview

    Located in the province of Fars, Shiraz is a wonderful city which holds a lot of historic importance. For thousands of years Shiraz has been called as the heartland of Persia. Shiraz is popular by several names like Dar-ol-Elm (House of Learning), City of Love, City of Roses, and City…
  • Tabriz Overview

    Regarded as the centre of Iranian Azerbaijan, Tabriz is the fourth largest city of Iran and serves as the capital of the East Azerbaijan Province. Tabriz is a wonderful city with a rich history about 4500 years old. The city is set between Eynali and Sahand mountains on fertile land.…
  • Yazd - The Ancient City

    Located in central Iran, Yazd is an ancient city and the capital of the Yazd Province. The presence of the city can be dated to the Sassanian Period (224-651 AD). The old town area still preserves its charm with old mud brick houses and winding lanes. The city is located…
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Iran Info



Iran is a Middle Eastern country situated on the south of the Caspian Sea and north of the Persian Gulf.It shares borders with Iraq, Turkey, Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan, Armenia, Afghanistan, and Pakistan.


A population of close to 75.3 Million. Muslims account for about 98% of the population.


The climate in Iran varies depending on the regions. In the northwest, summers are dry and hot and winters are cold with heavy snowfall. In the south, winters are mild and the summers are very hot.


Persian is the official language. Luri, Gilaki and Mazandarani are widely used as well.


GMT+3 1/2 hrs
Summer: +4 1/2 hrs


General: 8 AM to 4 PM
(Saturday to Wednesday are the working days of the week. Thursday & Friday are considered as weekends)


Iranian Revolution Day: February 11th
Navruz (Persian New Yeear): March 21st
Nationalisation of Oil Industry Day: March 20th

Muslim Festivals (Based on the lunar calandar):


Iranian Riyal


Police/ Emergencies: 110
Medical: 115
Fire: 125

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