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Travel to the Colonial City of Santa Ana, El Salvador

One of the most important cities of El Salvador, Santa Ana offers good amenities for its residents as well as visitors. The city has a colonial touch to it with several old buildings and also a Gothic cathedral. The city is a good base for exploring the western parts of El Salvador.

Relax and have fun with Water Sports in the Island of Utila, Honduras

Utila is located off the coast of Honduras in the west of the Caribbean Sea. It is the third smallest island of the Honduras Bay Islands. The locals on the island are friendly and always ready to help people. The island has been ranked as one of the best diving destinations in the Caribbean.

Adrenaline Rush with Treks & Hot Springs at the Cabanaconde Peru

The town of Cabanaconde is known as the gateway to the Colca Canyon. Visitors can find a number of options for day-hiking and also 7-10 days long trek from Cabanaconde. The treks take you along the canyons, different peaks and waterfalls. The Colca Canyon is known to be deeper than the Grand Canyon but is far less explored.

Relax with the beaches and sights of Cabo Polonia Rocha, Uruguay

Along the Atlantic Coast of Uruguay is the small village of Cabo Polonio Rocha Uruguay. The village is quite a popular destination especially during the summers. The village has some nice beaches and there is also a colony of sea lions and seals. During the months of October and November people come to the village for whale watching.

Crescentrating's Pick of 8 Destinations to spend your Ramadan Holidays in 2013

Ramadan is a month of fasting, prayers, charity and bonding. For those who are planning to spend the Ramadan away from home, last year we covered 10 destinations in "Ramadan Holidays -10 Destinations to Spend in 2012".  Here are 8 more destinations to look at this year in addition to the 10 destinations we listed last year.  

Travel to the Volcanic Crater Lake of Laguna de Apoyo, Nicaragua

One of the best places for swimming and the largest volcanic crater lake of Nicaragua, Laguna de Apoyo is an amazing place to visit. The Laguna de Apoyo has been declared as a nature reserve and is among the protected areas of Nicaragua. A number of people visit the lake for its dark coloured beaches, clean blue waters and exciting water sports.

Connect back with Nature amidst the wildlife of the Amazon Rainforest, Peru

Spanning from the east of the Andes in Peru to the borders of the Ecuador, Colombia, Brazil and Bolivia are the Peruvian Amazon rainforests. Rich in wildlife and home to several indigenous communities, the Amazon rainforests in Peru attract a number of visitors. The Amazon covers almost 60% of the territory of Peru.

Explore the Ancient Ruins at Aguas Calientes, Peru

Aguas Calientes now known as Machu Picchu Pueblo is a small town located close to the valley of Machu Picchu. The town is the gateway to the ruins of Inca in Machu Picchu. There is nothing much to see in the town and most visitors use it as a stopover for exploring the ruins and avoiding the rush of day-trippers. If you spend the night in Aguas Calientes, you can catch the first bus to the ruins and stay atop the mountain till late afternoon.

Guide to finding Halal Restaurants and Mosque (masjid) in Chicago USA

Chicago is a lovely city with lots of opportunities for sightseeing. For Muslim travellers Chicago offers several Halal restaurants and Mosques (masjid). It is a great place to visit. 

Relax amidst turqoise green seas on the Little Corn Island, Nicaragua

Located in the Caribbean Sea off the coast of Nicaragua are the Corn Islands. There are two Corn Islands namely the Big Corn Island and the Little Corn Island. The Little Corn Island is a tropical paradise which is largely unexplored by visitors and hence is less crowded.

Moque (masjid) and Halal Restaurant

There is no Mosque (masjid) or Halal restaurants on the Little Corn Island. There are some good seafood restaurants and vegetarian options on the island where you can dine.

Diving in Little Corn Island Nicaragua

There are no historical sites or attractions on the island. The best thing that you can do is sit back and relax or enjoy the deep blue waters of the surrounding Caribbean Sea. The waters offer some good diving options and there are also PADI instructors who can teach you how to dive and explore.

Things to do in Little Corn Island

Nicaragua Fishing is another major activity that visitors enjoy at the Little Corn Island. You can easily get a boat charter and go out exploring the waters.

Shopping in Little Corn Island Nicaragua

There are a few shops on the island around the beach areas that offer things of basic necessities. You can also find some locally handcrafted items.

Transportation on the Island

There are no vehicles or roads on the island and the best way of travelling around is walking.  

Indonesia Info



Indonesia is made of more than 17 thousand islands covering more than 1.9 million sq Kms with a coast line over 80,000 Kms.


A population of close to 230 Million. Muslims account for about 88.2% of the population.


A little variation can be seen with the temperature based on the seasons but it is fairly constant, 28°C (82.4°F) with the coastal plains , Mountain areas range from 26°C (78.8°F) to 23°C (73.4°F).


Indonesian(Also known as Bahasa) is the official language.


Indonesia West : GMT +7
Indonesia Central : GMT +8
Indonesia East : GMT +9


Government: 8 AM to 4:30 PM
General: 8 AM to 5 PM

New Years Day : January 1st
Good Friday : April 22nd 
Ascension Day : June 2nd
Christmas : December 25th

Based on the lunar & Other calandars:
Birth of the Prophet(Milad un Nabi)
Day of Silance(new year in Bali Calendar)
Buddha's Birthday
Idul Fitri
Idul Adha
Islamic New Year


Indonesian Rupiah


Police: 110
Medical: 118/119
Fire: 113
Mobile or Satellite Emergency: 112

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