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Asian Destinations

Central Asia

Central Asia Destination
 CRaHFT Score
Kazakhstan 4.3
Kyrgyzstan 4.4
Tajikistan 4.4
Turkmenistan Not Available
Uzbekistan 4.3

East Asia

East Asia  Destination
 CRaHFT Score
China 4.5
Japan 3.9
Mongolia Not Available
North Korea Not Available
South Korea Not Available
Taiwan 3.9

South East Asia

South East Asia Destination
 CRaHFT Score
Brunei 6.0
Cambodia Not Available
Indonesia 6.1
Laos Not Available
Malaysia 8.3
Philippines 4.2
Singapore 6.3
Thailand 5.9
Timor-Leste Not Available
Vietnam Not Available

Southern Asia

Southern Asia  Destination
 CRaHFT Score
Afghanistan Not Available
Bangladesh 5.9
Bhutan Not Available
India 5.6
Iran 5.6
Maldives 5.7
Nepal Not Available
Pakistan 5.0
Sri Lanka 5.2

Western Asia

Western Asia  Destination
 CRaHFT Score
Armenia Not Available
Azerbaijan 4.3
Bahrain Not Available
Cyprus Not Available
Georgia Not Available
Iraq Not Available
Jordan 6.1
Kuwait 5.7
Lebanon 4.8
Palestine & Israel Not Available
Oman Not Available
Qatar 6.0
Saudi Arabia 6.4
Syria Not Available
Turkey 6.6
United Arab Emirates 6.6
Yemen Not Available

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