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  • Guyana Country Overview

    Positioned on the northern coast of South America, Guyana a true delight for nature lovers. Officially known as the Co-operative Republic of Guyana, the state offers mesmerizing natural beauty and immaculate Amazonian rainforests that are adorned with several waterfalls, cascades and wildlife.

  • Muslim Community of Guyana

    Guyana is a multi-ethnic republic with around 10 percent of the population consisting of Muslims. During the seventeenth century several African, Mandingo and Fulani people among which were Muslims, were brought to Guyana to work in the sugar plantations. However, with time the practice of Islam gradually vanished. Later on,…
  • Masjids (Mosques) in Guyana

    There are around 125 Masjids (Mosques_Massajid) spread all across Guyana. Most of the Muslim inhabitants of Guyana are Sunnis.One of the oldest Masjids in Guyana was built by, the Afghan community in Georgetown, the Queenstown Jama Masjid. The New Mosque in Georgetown is another Masjid in the area. This Masjid…
  • Shopping in Georgetown, Guyana

    Shopping in Guyana is as exciting as discovering the pristine natural treasures of the region. Visitors can find a range of jewelry shops, handicraft outlets and boutiques in Guyana. The vendors in Guyana have excellent marketing skills and make the visitors feel special. Shopping in the cities or village marketplaces…
  • Guide to Halal Restaurants in Guyana

    The Muslim population of Guyana accounts to around 10% percent. Hence the scope for Halal market is also significant. Guyana has a few Halal restaurants. However, it is important that before eating, the authenticity of Halal food and services should be confirmed.

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Guyana Info



Guyana is situated between Suriname and Venezuela, bordering the North Atlantic Ocean. Guyana is bounded by Venezuela on the west, Brazil on the south and Suriname on the east.


A population of close to 0.7 Million. Muslims account for about 9% of the population.


Tropical and hot. July is the hottest month with an average high of 32 °C and an average low of 24 °C. February is the coolest month. The rainfall is generally high for most of the year.


English is the two official language. Guyanese Creole is widely used as well.


GMT-4 hrs throughout the year


General: 9 AM to 5 PM


Independence Day: May 26th
Republic Day: February 23rd
May Day: May 1st
Christmas: December 25th

Muslim Festivals (Based on the lunar calandar):


Guyanese Dollar


Police/ Emergencies: 911
Medical: 913
Fire: 912

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