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  • Greece Overview

    A haven for travelers, Greece is popular for its beautiful art, culture and literature The pristine beaches may be what initially attract visitors to Greece but it's the aura, the environment, and the people in Greece, that make visitors stay in the country for a long time. Greece is possibly one…
  • Benaki Islamic Art Museum of Athens

    The Benaki Islamic Art Museum of Athens houses artifacts from over 13 centuries of Islamic Art The Benaki Museum in Athens was established in 1931 by Antonis Benakis, who had a taste for collecting Islamic art. The museum initially opened in the Benaki Mansion with Islamic artifacts comprising ceramics, textiles and…
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Greece Info



Much of Greece is mountainous and rocky with the occasional plain. The country is located in Southern Europe bordering Bulgaria , Albania and Macedonia. Greece owns a land area close to 131,990km² and the country has a coast line of 13676 km's.


A population of close to 11.3 Million. Muslims account for about 3% of the population.


Greece is a perfect destination for those enjoy the sun since two third of the year the country experience sunny weather. The highest temperature can go close to 37°C while the average for the year is close to 17°C.


Greek is the official language.


GMT+2 hrs
GMT+3 hrs Summer Time.


Banks: 8.30 AM to 2 PM
General: 9 AM to 5 PM

New Years Day : January 1st
Independence Day : March 25th
Labour Day : May 1st
Christmas Day : December 25th



The Euro


Emergencies: 112
Police: 100
Medical: 166
Fire: 199

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