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  • Finland Overview

    Spanning from the Baltic Sea to the Arctic Circle, the country of Finland is filled with surprises. Finland boasts of pristine natural beauty with calm lakes, picturesque villages and gorgeous national parks. If you are looking for a destination where you can enjoy the beauty of nature and calm surroundings…
  • Taiga Forest

    The Taiga Forest is a coniferous forest that is seen in the northern hemisphere. The Taiga Forest in Finland is home to the brown bear, wild reindeer, moose and the wolverine. The region offers good opportunities of wildlife safaris and several outdoor activities that you can enjoy.

  • Oulanka National Park

    Located in the far northern reaches of Finland in the Lapland and Northern Ostrobothnia area is the Oulanka National Park. Spanning over an area of 270 square kilometres, the Oulanka National Park is the best hiking destination in Finland. Whether you are planning a long trip in the Oulanka National…
  • Seurasaari Open Air Museum Helsinki Finland

    Seurasaari Open Air Museum is the depiction of Finish Lifestly, Culture and History Located on a picturesque island just a few kilometres from the city centre of Helsinki is the Seurasaari Open Air Museum. The museum is a depiction of the customary Finnish lifestyle, which is displayed throughout the museum. Established…
  • Helsinki The Capital City of Finland

    The city of Helsinki has a unique character that compliments its wonderful location. It is the capital of Finland and features a true Scandinavian character but also has a great influence from Russia. The city is cosmopolitan and offers everything from museums and theatres to excellent shopping and outdoor fun.…
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Finland Info



Finland is the northernmost country in the European Continent. The country owns an area of 338,424km² and a coast line close to 1250 km's.


A population of close to 5.3 Million. Muslims account for about 0.2% of the population.


Finland owns a humid and cool semi continental climate, it has warm summers and very cold winters. The maximum temperature can reach close to 17°C while the minimum is closer to -7°C.


Finnish and Swedish are the two official languages.


GMT+2 hrs
GMT+3 hrs Summer Time.


General: 8 AM to 4:15 PM

New Years Day : January 1st
May Day : May 1st
Independence Day : December 6th
Christmas Eve : December 24th
Christmas Day : December 25th




Police/Medical/Fire: 112

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