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Feel like Royalty when Visiting the Schonbrunn Palace

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Situated about 6Km from the city center of Vienna is the beautiful Schonbrunn Palace

Considered as one of the most visited sights in Vienna, the Schonbrunn Palace is quite an outstanding and impressive attraction. The palace along with its exotic gardens spans over an area of 176 hectares. The Schonbrunn Palace was the summer residence of the Hapsburg monarchs and has over 1440 rooms. Out of these, 40 rooms are open for public viewing. The Schonbrunn Palace was designated as a World Heritage Site in 1996.

A main gateway makes way into a large courtyard, which is adorned with two huge fountains. Beyond the courtyard is the main palace complex with a beautiful garden behind it. To the right side of the main palace is the Schonbrunn Court Theatre. This theatre was built in the Rococo style in 1767. Enjoy a view of the entire complex from the garden. Towards the left side of the garden is the coach room, housing a wonderful collection of coaches, sledges and carriages. Towards the right side of the garden is the Orangery that was used for protecting plants and flowers during the winters. The main palace is about 175m wide and has a beautiful and symmetrically built Baroque facade.

The interior of the palace is designed in typical Rocco style. The Millionenzimmer, or the Millions Room is especially worth seeing. Other brilliant rooms in the palace include the Chinese Cabinet, which is adorned with porcelain. This was the room where Empress Maria Theresia held meetings with her advisors. The Blue Chinese Room is also good to visit. It is ornamented with blue Chinese motifs. The Vieux-Lacque room is where Maria Theresia spent much of her time after becoming a widow. The Spiegelsaal or the Mirror Hall is great to see. Next to this hall is the Rosa Room that was named after the artist who designed the walls with frescos landscapes. The Walnut room and the private rooms of Franz-Joseph and Empress Elisabeth are also nice to see.

Behind the palace is a huge park, the Schloss park, which was originally a hunting ground. The center of the park has beautiful flowerbeds that are fringed by statues. These flower beds extend to the large Neptune Fountain. From this fountain a path leads to the Gloriette, a striking arcade that sits on the Schonbrunn Hill.

The other notable attractions in the park include a huge steel construction of the Palmenhaus that was built in 1883. It contains numerous exotic plants from various climatic zones. Close to this is the Tiergarten, which is home to animals like koalas, elephants, hippopotamus, apes, etc. The Japanese Garden, the Roman Ruins, Botanic Garden and the attractive Taubenhaus are also worth seeing.

The Masjid As-Salam is the closest Masjid to the Schonbrunn Palace and there is also a halal kebab and pizza outlet within a kilometer of the palace.

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