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Guide to Finding Halal Restaurants and Mosques if you are Visiting Euro 2012

One of the most awaited events of 2012, the Euro Cup is being hosted in the countries of Poland and Ukraine. For ardent fans visiting the Euro 2012, there is more than just football to look forward to.

The matches are being hosted in the most beautiful cities of both the countries. In Poland the host cities are Warsaw, Gdansk, Wroclaw and Poznan and in Ukraine the host cities are Kiev, Donetsk, Kharkiv and Lviv.

Both Poland and Ukraine have a long history with Islam. A number of Muslims in Poland are of Turkish and Pakistani origin. Ukraine also has a large population of Muslims.


Warsaw is the largest city and the capital of Poland. There is a small Islamic Cultural Centre in Wiertnicza. The Masjid holds Jummah Salah and next to the Masjid is a small halal food store. In the surroundings you can find a few halal stores most of which serve Turkish cuisine.

Gdansk also has a custom built Masjid on the Antoniego Abrahama Street. You can ask in the Masjid about availability of halal restaurants and shops in the city. There is a halal fast food and barbecue shop in the Gdansk city centre in Grunwaldzka.

Wroclaw has an Islamic Centre on Al. Kasprowicza. The Islamic Centre is housed in an old villa in the vicinity of the St. Anthony Street. The Masjid is open for daily prayers and also conducts the Jummah Salah. Visitors can enquire at the Masjid about halal food shops. There is a small kebab shop close to the Masjid where you can find halal meat and different oriental goods.

Poznan has a Muslim Cultural Centre on Ul. A. Biedrzyckiego. There are a few halal food shops in the city that mainly serve Turkish and Arabic cuisine. One can be found on the Ul. Solna Street and the other can be found at Ul. Polwiejska Street.


Kiev has a few Masaajid; the most prominent is the Ar Rahma Masjid on the Lukyanovskaya Street. An Islamic Social Cultural Centre can be found on the Dehtyarivska Street. There are also a few halal restaurants in the city. You can find a small halal café at the Islamic Social Cultural Centre. There is also a halal pizza outlet on the Fizkultury Street.

Donetsk has a few Masaajid, prayer rooms and Islamic centres. The Islamic Cultural Centre on Berestovskaya Street is the main Masjid. The Ahat Jami Masjid is located on the Marshala Zhukova Ave. There are a few halal restaurants in the city. You can enquire at the Masjid about the location of these restaurants.

Kharkivhas a number of Masaajid including the Islamic Cultural Centre on Baikalsky Street; Muhammad Masjid on Jaroslavskaya and Kharkov Central Masjid on Yaroslavskaya Street. There is a halal restaurant on the Akademika Pavlova Street.

Lvivhas an Islamic Cultural Centre on Mechnikova Street. You can find some halal restaurants at Bohdana Khmel'nyts'kogo Street, Doroshenka Street and Sichovykh Stril'tsiv Street.

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