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You are here: The First-Ever UNESCO City of Film - Bradford, England

The First-Ever UNESCO City of Film - Bradford, England

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Located in England, Bradford is a vibrant city filled with surprises. A flourishing cultural destination, Bradford has recently been given the title of a UNESCO City of Film. With award-winning museums, art galleries and creative theater performances, visitors can enjoy a number of things in the city.

The history of Bradford can be traced to 1070 when there was a rebellion against the Norman defeat. From then, the city grew as a small center for wool trade but it was only after the industrial revolution that the population of the city grew. Throughout the city, visitors can see several Victorian buildings that depict Bradford's glorious past.. Some of these buildings include the City Hall, Little Germany a Victorian commercial district and St. George's Hall.

The museums in Bradford are the main draw of the city. The National Media Museum previously called as the National Museum of Photography, Film & Television is the most popular museum in Yorkshire. It houses exhibits of photography and is also home to the only IMAX cinema in the area. The museum is open from Tuesday to Sunday from 10:00am until 6.00pm.

The Bracken Hall Countryside Centre and museum is a lovely museum of natural history geology and archaeology. The Bolling Hall takes visitors through the journey of the lives of Bradford families for whom the building served as home. The rooms have been designed to give an impression of the lives at different periods. The other museums worth visiting in the city are the Bradford Industrial Museum, Peace Museum and the Cultural Centre at Centenary Square.

Bradford has a number of city parks where visitors can have fun and enjoy some fresh scenery. The Lister Park is a fabulous park along with its boating lake and also an impressive Mughal Water Garden. The Peel Park and the Bowling Park are other areas worth visiting.

Bradford has some excellent shopping facilities. The Kirkgate Center and the Forster Square Retail Park are the main shopping centers in the city. Bradford is also home to the largest departmental store in UK, the Bombay Stores where visitors can shop for jewelry, shoes and clothes. The World Mile is also a good place to shop. The White Abbey Road is a great place to buy clothes.

The Bradford Islamic Center is the main masjid in the city. There are several other masaajid across the city. There is a considerable population of South Asian Muslims in Bradford hence travelers can feel at home and enjoy a variety of Halal cuisines. Many of these Halal restaurants serve South Asian food.

Bradford has a good connection of buses and travelers can also hire taxis or take car rentals.

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