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You are here: Westminster - Home to Buckingham Palace

Westminster - Home to Buckingham Palace

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The city of Westminster is a borough of London and is located in the county of Greater London. Westminster is home to some of the most popular attractions including Buckingham Palace and the Palace of Westminster. The city is sectioned into various localities including the ancient political Westminster district around the Palace of Westminster.

Westminster was formed in 1965 from the metropolitan boroughs of St. Marylebone, Paddington and Westminster. The city sees a number of visitors because of its royal and ancient attractions. The Palace of Westminster became the main Royal residence in 1066 and later went on to house the parliament and law courts of the country. Despite the ancient touch the city manages to maintain a modern environment.

Buckingham Palace, the primary residence of Queen Elizabeth II is the main attraction of the city. The changing of the guards is something that should not be missed. To know about the timings of the changing of the guards and the opening of the palace to the public can be confirmed from their website.

The Palace of Westminster is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and the seat of the Parliament in UK. Travelers can visit the Parliament while it is in session and can sit in the Strangers' Gallery of the Commons and Lords. The Westminster Hall is a remarkable place where photography is allowed. The Clock Tower or Big Ben is the most prominent structure in the palace. The Westminster Abbey is a beautiful piece of architecture that also has a museum.

The Cabinet War Rooms and Churchill Museum are some wonderful museum worth visiting. The other museums in the city include The Guards Museum, Hunterian Museum, London Transport Museum, Sherlock Holmes Museum and the Sir John Soane's Museum.

Trafalgar Square is one of the most visited travel attractions in the city and has several statues and an LED lighting fountain. The London Zoo, Piccadilly Circus and London Planetarium are excellent attractions for kids.

Westminster offers some excellent shopping facilities. Oxford Street, Regent Street, Bond Street and Piccadilly are great to enjoy a wonderful shopping experience. Victoria Street is known for high-end shopping.

Westminster has a considerable number of masaajid. The Westminster Islamic Centre and Jamme Masjid is one of the main masjid and Islamic centers in the city. Visitors can gorge on delicious South Asian, Mediterranean, Moroccan, Chinese and Middle Eastern Halal cuisines in Westminster. Most of the Halal restaurants carry a Halal certification and others verbally assure serving Halal food.

The city has around 27 tube stations making it convenient for visitors to travel around. Taxis and car rentals are also available in the area for the convenience of travelers.

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UK Info



The United Kingdom lies between the North Atlantic Ocean and the North Sea. It shares a total land area of 243,610 square kilometres and northern Ireland is the only part of the UK that shares a land border. The UK has a coast line of 17,820 kilometres.


A population of close to 62 Million. Muslims account for about 2.8% of the population.


The climate varies with the seasons. Temperatures can even drop below -11°C or rise above 35°C. A mild and wet weather is in the eastern regions and majority of the rain falls over the western regions. Snowfall can occur in winter and summers are generally warm.


English is the official language. Irish, Cornish and Scots are widely used as well.


GMT +0
Summer: GMT +1


General: 9 AM to 5 PM


New Year's Day: January 1st
May Day: May 1st
Christmas: December 25th
Boxing Day: December 26th


Pound Sterling


Police/Medical/Fire : 999 or 112

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