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Prayer Rooms at Bangkok Airport & Halal Food on Tiger Airways - 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 vote

Last week, during my trip to Bangkok , I came across a couple of Halal Friendly facilities and services, which I think are worth sharing! It is really great to see how finally, travel industry service providers are beginning to acknowledge the needs of the Muslim travelers.

Two Unforgettable Experiences on Sri Lankan Airlines and Cathay Pacific Airways - 5.0 out of 5 based on 2 votes

Having been a frequent flyer for the last 28 years for business and leisure, I have got used to accepting all levels of service quality (good and bad!) from Airline staff. I also very quickly forget them. However there have been a couple of instances that I will not forget and can recall as truly memorable experiences - and one of them was last week on a Sri Lankan Airlines flight from Singapore to Colombo.

1800 km by car across the Balkans (Part 1)

Part 1- My stay in Bled in Slovenia

On the 28th of May I arrived in Lubjiana for what was the first stop in a series of workshops on "Halal Friendly Travel" to the Travel & Hospitality industry of Slovenia, Montenegro and Bosnia & Herzegovina.

 Looking to spend a "Halal Holiday". Here is our list of 10 Halal (Muslim) Friendly Holiday destinations to explore in 2011. From great beaches, shopping, theme parks.. to Islamic heritage, these 10 Halal holiday (friendly) destinations for Muslim travellers offer everything you need to plan your next holiday. From the Crescentrating team we wish you all have great Halal Friendly holidays in the coming year.

A few weeks ago I was travelling to Karachi to attend the first Global Halal Congress. Since I was taking Sri Lankan airline I had to transit through Colombo. At the Afew weeks ago I was travelling to Karachi to attend the first Global Halal Congress. Since I was taking Sri Lankan airline I had to transit through Colombo. At the Colombo Airport, I went to the familiar prayer room that I knew from my previous travels to Colombo. To my surprise, the room was closed. On inquiring from the officer there, I was told that it had been moved to a new location at the other corner of the 1st floor. There I was pleasantly surprised to find a much bigger and well kept room for males and I assume the female prayer room which was next to it was as big and clean.

The hustle and bustle of LCCT; KL's budget terminal - 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 vote

Every time I pass through the LCCT airport, I am very impressed by the level of activity of this "Budget Airport". LCCT stands for Low Cost Carrier Terminal. However even some of the more flashy International Airports cannot match the convenience and the buzz at this one.

One of the main reasons has to be success of AirAsia's. This the main hub of AirAsia. AirAsia has definitely revolutionized Air travel. Not long ago, you had to spend around USD 200 for a Singapore-KL-Singapore ticket. Now you can get it for as low as USD 45; either on AirAisia or Tiger Airways.

Probably the best place to be during Ramadhan is home, so that we could fully concentrate on getting the best out of the blessed month. However, in case you happen to be a traveler in Singapore, you can still make yourself feel comfortable.

The Masjids (Mosques-Masaajid) of Singapore are more than just a place where people go for their Salaath. They are almost community centers where many activities of the community take place. On Fridays, just before Jummah Salaath, it takes the shape of a community canteen/restaurant.

Just got back from Brunei having been pretty impressed by what it can offer as a Halal Friendly destination. Alcohol free environment, easy availability of Halal food, peaceful with rich Islamic traditions and unspoiled nature with 70% of Brunei covered by primary rainforest.

If you are looking beyond shopping, theme parks and overcrowded cities for your next holiday and would like spend your time enjoying a city with rich Islamic heritage, one of a kind water village, rainforests, unspoiled coral reefs, mangrove-covered islands and many other ecotourism options, Brunei is indeed the place to go.

Airports | becoming Halal friendly - 4.0 out of 5 based on 1 vote

Most of our travel plans these days require us to pass through an Airport. If you are transiting through an Airport then you will need to spend more than a couple of hours. Airports are becoming more than just a place for waiting to board airplanes

Airports are going out of the way to make their "customers" comfortable by having shopping, leisure areas, children's play areas, gardens with natural plants, recreational activities, restaurants and food courts, and a lot more facilities. With the increasing number of Halal conscious travellers now crisscrossing the world for both work and leisure, the Airports are beginning to cater to the unique needs of this group of travellers.

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