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You are here: The Valle Del Cauca - Sugar Cane Plantations

The Valle Del Cauca - Sugar Cane Plantations

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Situated in the Pacifica region of Colombia is the department of Valle Del Cauca

Described as the land for art and culture, Valle Del Cauca also promises several museums, exotic sceneries and culture houses where you can become one with the culture and traditions of the region. Apart from the capital city of Cali, travellers can find several other municipalities worth visiting such as Roldanillo, Sevilla, and Calima that showcase the culture of the region.

Valle Del Cauca was better known for its sugarcane cultivation and luxurious haciendas. A number of these places have been transformed to museum where visitors can experience the feel of the 19th century. Hacienda El Paraiso, Hacienda Canasgordas and Hacienda Piedechinche are home to the sugarcane museum where visitors can learn about the cultivation and production of sugarcane.

Spend some time around the Lago Calima a huge artificial lake that is dotted with beautiful farms and wonderful resorts. The destination is good for windsurfing and kite flying. Another small village where you can spend time enjoying nature is San Cipriano. Drive down to Ladrilleros, a beach town where you can enjoy whale watching.

The capital of Valle Del Cauca, Cali is one of the most popular cities in Colombia. The city features a number of attractions and promises visitors with a wonderful time. From visiting museums to enjoying mountain biking and kite surfing there are a number of things that can be enjoyed while in the city. Within easy distance from Cali are several cities and destinations that you can visit to have fun.

Visitors can find a few Masaajid in Cali but finding halal restaurants in the region is a difficult task. Do not miss trying the exotic ice creams and deserts while in Valle Del Cauca.

Traveling around the region is easy if you have a rented car.

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Colombia Info



Colombia is located in the northwestern region of South America bordering Venezuela, Brazil, Ecuador, Peru, the Atlantic Ocean and the Pacific Ocean. Colombia is the fourth largest country in South America.


A population of close to 46 Million. Muslims account for about 0.03% of the population.


Tropical and warm. In the low-altitute areas the temperature will range from 24°C to nearly 38 °C. The temperature in the Central highlands could go as low as 10 °C.


Spanish is the official language. English is widely used as well.


GMT-5 hrs throughout the year


General: 9 AM to 5 PM


Independence Day: July 20th
May Day: May 1st
Battle of Boyacá: August 7th
Immaculate Conception: December 8th
Christmas: December 25th


Colombian Peso


Police/ Emergencies: 156 / 112
Medical: 132
Fire: 119
Accident Service: 127

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