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Dalian City Overview

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Sitting on the southern tip of Liaoning Province in China is the city of Dalian. The city overlooks the Bohai Sea and the Yellow Sea and serves as a connecting link between northeastern China and Inner Mongolia. Dalian is a flourishing economic center and also is known as a famous travel destination.

There are about 10 Masaajid in the city of Dalian with the Dalian Masjid being the main and the oldest Masjid in the city. The Jummah Salaath is conducted around 12:00PM and the sermon is delivered in the local language.

There are Halal restaurants near the Masaajid in the city. Travelers can get more information about Halal food from locals or the Masjid. It is better to confirm with the restaurant before dining.

Dalian is popular for its "squares" in China. There are over 30 squares that travelers can see all around the city. The Zhongshan Square is the financial center and also has some old Japanese buildings. The Renmin Square is the seat of the government in the city. The Xinghai Square is one of the largest squares in Asia and home to several travel attractions. In central Dalian visitors can see several old colonial buildings. Some of these are along the Russian Street in the Xigang District of the city.

Dalian houses three zoological parks namely the Dalian Forest Zoo, Sun Asia Ocean World, and Polar World. Visitors can take a seat lift in the Láodòng (Labor) Park to reach the peak of the mountain. After reaching the peak, travelers can go to the "Reach Sightseeing Tower" and see some panoramic views.

The city also has a number of beaches along the eastern and southern side. The longest beaches are the Xinghai Beach, Fujiazhuang Beach and the Bangchuidao Beach. Also enjoy walking or jogging along the Binhai Road, which is a winding coastal road. The other attractions in the city are the Nest Cliff, Xinghai Park, Fujiazhuang Scenic Area and the Shengya Aquarium.

There are a number of places where visitors can shop in Dalian. Some of the main shopping areas include Qingniwan in downtown, Tianjin Walking Street, Xi'an Lu (Road), Russian Custom Street, Xin Ma Te Shopping Center, Shengli Square Shopping Center, Friendship Shopping City in Dalian and the New-Mart Shopping Mall.


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China Info




China is a diverse land with deserts, mountains, rivers and the 14,500 km long beautiful coastline. It is also the third largest country in the world China and owns a land of 9,326,410 km².


A population of close to 1.35 Billion. Muslims account for about 1.6% of the population.


China has a widely diverse climate due to its size, north can be extremely cold while south will have a topical climate.The capital of China, Beijing experiences a 40°C average temperature during July and august and the coldest during winter which can drop beyond -20°C during the month of January.


Chinese ,Cantonese are official languages. English,Portuguese,Uyghur,Tibetan And  Mongolian Are widely used as well.


GMT+8 hrs throughout the year


General: 9 AM to 5 PM

New Year: January 1st
Labour Day: May 1st
National Day: October 1st


Chinese  Yuan


Police: 110
Medical: 120
Fire: 119

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