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New Brunswick Overview

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The coastal setting, charming towns and exotic landscape of New Brunswick make it a delight for travelers. Situated towards the southeast of Quebec, New Brunswick is also considered as the gateway to Atlantic Canada. Towards the southern coast is the Bay of Fundy, which is among the main attractions of the province. New Brunswick offers exceptional opportunities of enjoying outdoor activities.

New Brunswick has a small population of Muslims. There are several Masaajid in the province; one in the capital, the Fredericton Islamic Association and one in the city of Saint John. Visitors can enquire with the locals about the location of the Masaajid.

New Brunswick has no dearth of outdoor recreational activities. From snowmobiling to biking and ATV tours, there are several opportunities that you can enjoy during your visit to New Brunswick. The picturesque beauty and the small town ambiance of the province make New Brunswick a delight for visitors. The capital, Fredericton, has some beautiful attractions including the historic district. There are a few art galleries that display several works of art that you may appreciate if you have an interest in it. You could also visit the longest wooden covered bridge in the world which is located in Hartland within the New Brunswick province.

The Bay of Fundy is among the main attractions of New Brunswick. The Fundy National Park is where you can explore the wilderness. Do not miss out the Reversing Falls and the Hopewell Rock. New Brunswick also has a few national parks that are worth visiting. The Kouchibouguac National Park needs a special mention as it offers wilderness and also some good beaches. The Roosevelt Campobello International Park and Mount Carleton also are good places to spend time at.

New Brunswick also offers some unique attractions including the Old Sow, which is a huge tidal whirlpool off the shore of Deer Island. The Grand Falls should also be included in your itinerary of New Brunswick.

New Brunswick offers a variety of shopping opportunities. From the market in the town of Sackville to the markets of Fredericton, there are several places where you can shop. Whether you are looking for souvenirs, handicrafts, arts or clothes, the shops in New Brunswick offers a variety of shopping opportunities.

It might be a bit daunting for visitors to find halal restaurants in New Brunswick. It is always better to enquire at the Masaajid about the availability of halal restaurants. Fresh water fish and seafood are a specialty in the New Brunswick province. If you are unable to find halal diners, you can always opt for vegetarian and fish delicacies.

The best way to traveling around New Brunswick is by car. The roads around the area have been expanded and are excellent for driving around. New Brunswick also has a good public transport system. The bus service in the province is quite good. New Brunswick also offers rail service in certain areas

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Canada Info



The second largest country in the world Canada owns a land area of 9,984,670 km² and a coastline closer to 202,080 km's. The countries geographic features are diverse due to its size, it streches from the pacific ocean on the west to the atlantic ocean on the east.


A population of close to 33.7 Million. Muslims account for about 2.6% of the population.


Canada is often associated with cold weather and snow.Canadians living closer to the US boarders get to enjoy the four seasons. Summer temperature can rise up to 35 °C (95 °F) while the lowest will reach closer to -25 °C (77 °F) during winter.


English and French are the two official languages.


GMT -3hrs30m : Newfoundland
GMT -4hrs       : Atlantic
GMT -5hrs       : Eastern
GMT -6hrs       : Central
GMT -7hrs       : Mountain
GMT -8hrs       : Pacific
Off set Daylight Saving +1 hr


Government: 8:45 AM to 5 PM


New Year's Day: January 1st
Canada Day : July 1st
Labour Day : September 1st Monday
Christmas Day : December 25th


Canadian Dollar


Police/Medical/Fire: 119
GSM: 112

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