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A popular cultural center, Malaga blends history with a modern lifestyle

A wonderful city located in Costa del Sol, Malaga is located in southern Spain. The city is flanked by mountains at the southern end and two rivers also flow close to the city. Malaga is popular for its history and is also the birthplace of the well-known painter Picasso. The city has of late become a popular cultural center of Europe and blends history well with modern lifestyle.

Those who wish to take a break from the busy city life of Dubai can head towards the Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve. Located about 45 Km from the city center of Dubai the Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve is the first national park of UAE. The land has been dedicated to preserve desert fauna and flora indigenous to the area.

Islam began to spread its wings in China in 651 AD during the reign of Tang Emperor Gaozong. Over the centuries Islam has developed vastly in China and this has resulted in many Masaajid and sites that interest a Muslim traveler to the country. As of now there are more than ten minorities all over China that follow Islam and prefer to lead their own lifestyle and dining habits. Finding Halal food and Masaajid is not very difficult.

A magnificent place to visit, Gao is a historic city established in the 7th century

The city was in its full bloom in the 15th and 16th century when it was the hub for the Songhai Empire. It is among one of the most attractive cities in Mali and journeying into the desert is one of the main highlights of visiting the city.

A lively city, Bamako is located on the banks of the Niger River.

Ibn Battuta spent some time in the city of Bamako during his visit to Mali. Featuring flamboyant markets and a wonderful range of restaurants, Bamako is a place that will pleasantly catch you off guard.

Southern Hospitality at its Best - New Orleans, Louisiana

If you haven't visited New Orleans then you have missed the best of United States and its southern hospitality. The city has a deeply imbedded culture and has a lot of fun activities that visitors can partake in during their stay. New Orleans is popular for its Creole food and has something tasty for everyone.

The city of Westminster is a borough of London and is located in the county of Greater London. Westminster is home to some of the most popular attractions including Buckingham Palace and the Palace of Westminster. The city is sectioned into various localities including the ancient political Westminster district around the Palace of Westminster.

Where Everyone's a Star!

Located in Orlando is the Universal Studios theme park. The park opened in June 1990 and is based on the entertainment industry. Visitors can enjoy behind the scene views and also take part in the action of their favorite movie at the Universal Studio. The dream of becoming a star comes to life at this wonderful theme park.

The Statue of Liberty - Stands Tall and Free

The Statue of Liberty stands on Liberty Island in the New York Harbor area. It is an excellent colossal, neoclassical sculpture and was gifted to the United States by the people of France in 1886. The statue was made by French sculptor Bartholdi, in partnership with Gustave Eiffel. It took over nine years for the completion of the statue.

Where Dreams Come True - Walt Disney, Florida

The ultimate holiday destination, Walt Disney World is a great place for people of all ages. Located about 21 miles from Orlando, Florida, Disney World includes four theme parks, two water parks and over 23 themed resorts. Whether it is watching the fairies at Magic Kingdom, the wildlife at Animal Kingdom or cultures from around the world at Epcot Center, Disney world is one of the best places to enjoy with the entire family.

Cambodia Info



Has an area of 181,035 square kilometers and lies entirely within the tropics.It has a 443 kilometer coastline along the Gulf of Thailand.


A population of close to 14,000,000. Muslims account for about 1.6% of the population


Cambodia is dominated by monssons. The temperature ranges from 21° C to 35° C. Tropical and warm.


Khmer is the official language.




Government/General Offices: 7:30 AM to 11:30 AM and again from 2 PM to 5PM (Monday to Friday)


New Years: January 1st
Victory Day: January 7th
Khmer New Year: April 14th - 16th
Labour Day: May 1st
King Sihamoni's Birthday: May 13th - 15th
Queen Mother's Birthday: June 18th
Constitution Day: September 24th
Pchum Ben Festival: September 26th
King Father's Birthday: October 31st
Independence Day: November 9th
Mourning Day: November 25th

Dates on the following holidays vary:
Meak Bochea
Visaka Bochea
Royal Ploughing Ceremony


KHR Riel, United States Dollar


Police/ Emergencies: 117
Medical/ Ambulance: 119
Fire: 118

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