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  • Bulgaria Overview

    A beautiful country, Bulgaria has acted as a prime link between the East and West. Gradually Bulgaria has become one of the top destinations for travellers.

    The Muslim population is estimated around 13%, constituting around 1 million.  They are mostly of Turkish origin. It is the second largest religion.

  • Nesebar Overview

    The beautiful town of Nesebar is located on a small rocky peninsula about 37Km from Bourgas Located on the Black Sea Coast, Nesebar is one of the oldest towns in Europe. The old city is filled with several medieval churches and it is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Nesebar is connected…
  • Sofia Overview

    The capital of Bulgaria, Sofia boasts of ancient architecture, a laidback atmosphere and beautiful tree-lined boulevards.

    Surrounded by the Balkan Mountains in the north, and the Vitosha Mountains to the south, Sofia is a dramatic city that is considered as the most compact and walk-able capital cities in Europe.

  • Balchik Overview

    In the north-east part of Bulgaria is the beautiful town of Balchik.

    Located along the coastline of Black Sea, Balchik is situated in Dobrich Oblast and is about 40Km from the city of Varna. The town spreads beautifully from the Dobruja Plateau towards the Black Sea.

  • The Valley of Roses

    The Valley of Roses is located to the south of the Balkan Mountains and is a beautiful destination to visit. Also known as the Kazanluk valley, the Valley of Roses hosts the annual Rose Festival which is held at the starting of the rose-picking season in the month of June.About…
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Bulgaria Info



Situated in the south-eastern Europe Bulgaria shares land boundries with many countries like Romania,Greece, Turkey etc. . .  It has a Coastline of 354 km's and a land area of 110,879 km².


A population of close to 7 Million. Muslims account for about 12.2% of the population.


Bulgaria experience all four seasons,A beautiful blooming spring, dry and hot summer, long and pleasant autumn, and a mild winter with lots of opportunities for skiing.
Bulgaria's Yearly average temperature comes closer to 14.7°C while the average temperature between April and September is around 23°C .


Bulgarian is the official language.


GMT+2 hrs Standard Time.
GMT+1 hrs Daylight Saving


Banks: 9 AM to 3 PM
General: 9 AM to 6 PM


New Year: January 1st & 2nd
Liberation Day : March 3rd
Labour Day : May 1st
St. George's Day : May 6th
Bulgarian E&C&SL Day: May 24th
Independence Day : September 22nd
Christmas Eve : December 24th
Christmas Day : December 25th


Bulgarian Lev


: 112
Police : 166
Medical: 150
Fire: 160

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