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Salvador Overview

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A city rich in folk fare, Salvador is the capital of the state of Bahia and is considered the birthplace of Brazilian culture

Located along the Northeast coast of Brazil, Salvador features a tropical climate and lush vegetation. The delightful Old Town is a World Heritage Site and is the prime attraction of the city. The name Salvador actually means savior. The city suggests relaxation and captivates travelers by its charm and attractions.

The Centro Cultural Islamico is the main Masjid in Salvador. Apart from conducting daily prayers, the Masjid conducts programs for brothers and sisters. There is also an Arab Islamic Cultural Center in the city.

If you wish to know about the history of slave trade in Brazil, then visit the Museu Afro-Brasileiro. The Largo do Pelourinho is a small triangle in the city, and the oldest part of the town. The Mercado Modelo is the main market of the city and visitors can see young men performing martial arts in the area. The Solar do Unhao is one of the must-visit places in Salvador especially if you enjoy sunsets. This old style house also has small museum with local artwork on display.

The Abaete Park is a beautiful protected park formed around the Abaete Lake. The lake is popular for its contrast of black water of the lake against the white sand. The park hosts a number of live entertainment programs. Salvador is popular for its beaches. Some of the beaches in the city are not preferable for bathing, however they are good for visitors to enjoy a stroll or take pictures.

When visiting Salvador, you can put your bargaining skills into practice while shopping in the city. From local crafts to designer clothes and shoes, you can find almost everything in the city. There are a number of shopping malls where you can enjoy shopping. Some of these shopping malls include Shopping Center Iguatemi, Shopping Itaigara, Salvador Norte Shopping, Bahia Outlet Center, Salvador Shopping and Aeroclube Shopping Office. If you wish to buy souvenirs then you can look at the shops at Rua Gregorio de Matos 30.

Halal food can be found at a few restaurants in the city. Visitors can get information about these outlets from the Masaajid. You can also find fast food places such as Subway, Pizza Hut, McDonald's, etc. A number of vegetarian options are available in the city including the traditional dishes Abara and acaraje. Acaraje is a famous street food, it is a kind of fritter made from black-eyed peas.

Salvador offers a number of transportation options such as buses, car rentals, taxis, etc. Buses are an affordable choice of traveling in the city. Hiring a taxi can be a bit expensive yet comfortable choice. Car rentals are easily available in the city.

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  • Salvador Overview

    A city rich in folk fare, Salvador is the capital of the state of Bahia and is considered the birthplace of Brazilian culture Located along the Northeast coast of Brazil, Salvador features a tropical climate and lush vegetation. The delightful Old Town is a World Heritage Site and is the prime…
  • Guide to Halal Restaurants, Food and Mosques in Salvador

    Guide to Halal Restaurants, Food and Mosques in Salvador.

    The capital of the Bahia state of Brazil, Salvador is an amazing place for any visitor. For Muslim travellers the city offers limited masjids and halal facilities. Salvador is located on a peninsula on the north-eastern coast of the country.

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Brazil Info



Brazil is the largest country in South America and the fifth largetst country in the world. With a total area of 8,514,876.599 km2, Brazil shares a border with every country in South America except for Ecuador and Chile.


A population of close to 192 Million. Muslims account for about 0.01% of the population.


Brazil has six climatic regions but most of the country is tropical. Generally the average temperature is about 25 °C.


Portuguese is the official language. English is widely used as well.


GMT -2 hrs to -4 hrs throughout the year


General: 9 AM to 5 PM


Independence Day: September 7th
May Day: May 1st
Republic Day: November 15th
Christmas: December 25th
New Year's Day: January 1st


Brazilian Real


Police/ Emergencies: 190
Medical: 192
Fire: 193

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