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After three months of nominations, research, surveys and voting by our community, Crescentrating is pleased to announce "CrescentRating's Halal Friendly Travel (CRaHFT) Ranking 2012" of the top 10 Halal Restaurants in Sri Lanka. 

When a Muslim travels to any place in the world, one of the first things they do is begin their hunt for Halal food. Sometimes it's easy, sometimes not so much. This is the first year where CRaHFT Ranking in this category is announced. Insha Allah this category will be extended to other countries and cities in 2013.

Some of the ones who made the list are well-know fast food places while some of the others are more of a family-dining experience - all of the restaurants are certified Halal by the All Ceylon Jamiyathul Ulama, which is the Halal certifying body in Sri Lanka.

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Muslim Travelers and the Hospitality Industry - A Workshop by Crescentrating & Utopia Vacations

The Hotel Workshop held at Colombo's very own Galadari on July 12th, 2011 was a fantastic and informative event for hoteliers island-wide. Hosted by Crescentrating and Utopia Vacations, the workshop included speakers Fazal Bahardeen, the CEO of Crescentrating, Sheik Rayees Mufti, a member of the ACJU Halal Certification Committee and Munshif Hussain, a consultant for the systems and processes of the ACJU.

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From 12 noon to 2:30 p.m., the California Grill in the magnificent Galadari Hotel, Sri Lanka offers you a 3 course power lunch!


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A dazzlingly delicious English High Tea is served at the Lobby Bar, Galadari Hotel (Colombo, Sri Lanka) daily from 3:30 p.m. to 5:30 p.m. For every group of ten, one person can enjoy High Tea for absolutely free!


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Father's Day Dinner Buffet!

For only Rs.2,000/= enjoy the extensive dinner buffet at the Coffee Shop, Galadari Hotel in Colombo, Sri Lanka. Dad receives a complimentary gift and dines for free when more than four family members attend!


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Celebrate Father's Day at the California Grill, Galadari Hotel in lovely Colombo, Sri Lanka! Complimentary meals and gifts for all of the dads!


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Within Colombo, the sparkling capital of the tear-drop shaped gem known as Sri Lanka, lies a paradisaical haven. When visiting a foreign land, a Muslim traveler is always cautious - will I be comfortable in the hotel I stay in? Will the food served to me be Halal? All in all, will I enjoy my vacation? Exploring the city of bright lights leaves you with an array of hotels, restaurants and activities to choose from. So, what would a Muslim traveler experience in Colombo?

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A few weeks ago I was travelling to Karachi to attend the first Global Halal Congress. Since I was taking Sri Lankan airline I had to transit through Colombo. At the Afew weeks ago I was travelling to Karachi to attend the first Global Halal Congress. Since I was taking Sri Lankan airline I had to transit through Colombo. At the Colombo Airport, I went to the familiar prayer room that I knew from my previous travels to Colombo. To my surprise, the room was closed. On inquiring from the officer there, I was told that it had been moved to a new location at the other corner of the 1st floor. There I was pleasantly surprised to find a much bigger and well kept room for males and I assume the female prayer room which was next to it was as big and clean.

Colombo is the commercial capital and the largest city of Sri Lanka. This vibrant city is situated on the west coast of the country and gives the right blend of modern life with the heritage and culture of the country; Colombo is also a major tourist destination.

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I just got back from Colombo, Sri Lanka, after participating in Sri Lanka's Inaugural Halal Conference and Exhibition (16th and 17th of February). Alhamdulillah, I believe the conference achieved its objective of increasing the Halal awareness among the Sri Lankan consumers as well as the industry players. Huge amount of work still needs to be done to ensure that Halal issues are fully understood by both the consumers and the Industry players.

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Bolivia Info


COMMERCIAL CAPITAL: Santa Cruz de la Sierra


Bolivia is landlocked country situated in South America. With a total area of 1,098,580 square kilometres, Bolivia shares borders with Brazil, Paraguay, Argentin, Chile and Peru.


A population of close to 10.9 Million. Muslims account for about 0.1% of the population.


The climate of Bolivia vareis from region. Summers are generally warm while winters are very cold in the west, and it snows around the mountain ranges.


Spanish, Quechua and Aymara are the three official languages. English is widely used as well.


GMT -4hrs throughout the year


Government: 8 AM to 4 PM
General: 9 AM to 5 PM


Independence Day: August 6th
May Day: May 1st
All Saints Day: November 1st
Christmas: December 25th
New Year's Day: January 1st


Bolivian Boliviano


Police/ Emergencies: 110
Medical: 118
Fire: 119

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