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CrescentRating now offers travel agents the exclusive opportunity to obtain a Muslim-friendly rating and successfully reach out to the lucrative Muslim travel market.

Travel agents who obtain a rating from CrescentRating will have their profiles displayed as an accredited partner on and have their tour packages showcased and rated. CrescentRated travel agents will also be promoted on CrescentRating's social media channels.

Top 15 Muslim Outbound Tourism Markets account for 80% of the expenditure by Muslim tourist in 2011

The "Global Muslim Lifestyle Tourism Market 2012: Landscape & Consumer Needs Study" by Crescentrating & DinarStandard, estimates that Muslim tourists globally represent a major niche market worth $126.1 billion in 2011 growing at a 4.8% through 2020, compared to global average of 3.8%.

"The Future is Halal" on BBC Radio 4 on 21st August

A Culture Wise production for BBC Radio 4, the program is presented by Navid Akhtar and produced by Mukti Jain Campion.

Listen to the programme live on the 21st August or online at your convenience until September 1st.

The Halal industry now spans across all products and services!

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The restriction to make images of humans inspired the Muslims during the last centuries to develop a unique genre of "Art". Beautiful geometrically patterns (arabesque) and calligraphy were the cornerstone of these Architects, calligraphers etc. The result was and continues to be reflected in the beautiful mosques, gardens, paintings, carpets and pottery works to name a few.

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