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CrescentRating, the world’s leading authority on Halal tourism, has officially launched the world's first-ever Halal Travel Glossary. The new guide is a comprehensive and unique collection of key terms and expressions related to the $145 billion Halal travel market.

It is the first of its kind and serves as an excellent resource for travel professionals and businesses to gain a better understanding of some of the most commonly-used terminology in the Halal travel market.  

The glossary will be extremely beneficial for all travel-related businesses who serve, or plan to serve, the lucrative Muslim market which is one of the fastest growing sectors in the world. 

The world’s leading authority on Halal travel today launched a new glossary providing access to a wealth of terminology used in one of the fastest growing sectors globally.

CrescentRating has published a new guide which promotes accurate and consistent use of terms in the Halal travel market. Over 150 terms and concepts have been entered and validated with regular updates planned as the market matures. 

Users can obtain a quick list of terms through the glossary which has been divided into sections for easy navigation. It has been published as a free downloadable e-book with plans to make it an online resource in the near future.

With tourist arrivals in July 2015 having risen by 38% year-on-year, Thailand is experiencing a surge in tourist arrivals at the peak of the first high season this year. The number of Middle Eastern visitors grew strongly, which shows that the shifting focus of the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) not just towards East Asia, but also the Middle East and North Africa region, is starting to pay off. Many recent steps were taken by Thailand to attract more Middle Eastern tourists, namely a stronger focus on Halal food and Halal tourism. 

Thailand, which was the 10th most visited country in the world in 2014 and 7th in terms of international tourism receipts, welcomed 2.64mn visitors in July. The government expects record arrivals of 30mn tourists for the whole year, generating up to 63bn in tourism revenue, as Thailand's high tourist season peaks another time starting in November.

Mughal Safari – Top-Notch Muslim-friendly Travel Services in India - 5.0 out of 5 based on 4 votes

Mughal Safari is one of India's finest travel service providers that offers a wide range of tour packages and services for travellers around the globe. With over 10 years of experience to its name, Mughal Safari has established itself a reputation for its excellent service and unique tour services. As an accredited travel agent of Crescentrating, it also offers a wealth of Muslim-friendly travel services, making it an excellent option for Muslim travellers.

Mughal Safari's services for Muslim travellers include customised Halal tour packages that have been carefully tailored to meet their specific religious requirements. Tour packages that are available ensure that hotel bookings are either capable of offering prayer facilities or are located in close proximity to a local masjid in the area. Tours also include sites of Islamic historical significance as well as Islamic events and conferences. Packages are available in the form of group packages or flexible individual packages.

Turkey Launches Its First Halal Cruise - 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 vote

Catering to the ever-growing global Halal market, Turkey plans to launch its first Muslim-friendly cruise on the Aegean Sea next month for religiously observant travellers in the country. The Halal cruise was announced by the Antalya-based Fusion Tour company as a new approach that aims at tapping into the highly lucrative global Halal tourism sector.

Organizers have seen huge potential in the Muslim market and are planning to host varied packages to include the Adriatic Sea, Italy, Malta, Budapest, Belgrade and Vienna in the upcoming months. Their target will not only be Turks but also Muslims globally. 

Over five million foreign tourists have visited Iran since the end of March 2015, despite the tourism industries of other regional countries not performing well at present. Industry experts noted that the situation provides a great opportunity for Iran to attract more tourists to the country as a safe Middle Eastern destination.

Experts also noted that Iran is a prominent destination for Halal tourism and identified the important role of Halal tourism marketing in its tourism strategy.

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