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  • Cinquantenaire Park - Brussels

    The Cinquantenaire Park in Brussels is an expansive public park is the European Quarter of Brussels. The park was originally built as part of the military exercising ground outside the city center. Today the original pavilions have been replaced by the Triumphal Arch, which was designed by the French architect…
  • City Museum of Brussels

    Explore a Collection of Miniature Scale Models & Decorative Art! Located in the historic heart of Brussels, the City Museum is placed inside a neo-Gothic style building the King's House. The museum is opposite to the City Hall in the Grand-Place. The museum aims at providing an overview of the historic…
  • Belgium - The Medieval City

    One of the best kept secrets of Europe, Belgium boasts of medieval cities, majestic castles, beautiful town halls and captivating natural beauty Belgium is divided into two sections namely Flanders and the Wallonia. The country features an urbanized atmosphere with a well-preserved history, which presents travelers with numerous opportunities to have…
  • Royal Museum for Central Africa in Tervuren

    Just outside Brussels in Tervuren is the must-visit Royal Museum for Central Africa.

    An ethnographical and natural history museum, the Royal Museum for Central Africa was established in the year 1898. The museum mainly aims at Congo, a former colony of Belgium;

  • Walloon Overview

    Featuring beautiful landscapes, Walloon is the French-speaking Southern part of Belgium The Walloon region is filled with historical and cultural wealth. With its numerous attractions and serene lifestyle, Walloon is the perfect place to spend a holiday. From the Ardennes Mountains in the South to the beautiful hills and the green,…
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Belgium Info




Situated in the North Europe, Belgium is surrounded by the boarders of France, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Germany and boarders the north sea. Belgium has an area of 30,527 sq Kilometres.


A population of close to 11 Million. Muslims account for about 6% of the population.


Influanced by the North Sea and the Atlantic Ocean Belgium has a temperate maritime climate like most of Northwest Europe. The average temp in the country is Aprox 9.8C (50F).


Belgium uses three official languages : Dutch, French and German


GMT +1 hr.

General: 10 AM to 6 PM

New Year's Day: January 1st
Labour Day : May 1st
National Holiday: July 21st
Assumption of Mary : Augest 15th
All Saints : November 1st
Armistice Day : November 11th
Christmas : December 25th




Police/Medical/Fire: 112

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