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  • Shopping in Barbados

    Shopping in the island of Barbados is a marvelous experience. Shoppers can enjoy duty free shopping all across the region. Barbados has something for everyone and for shopaholics there can be no better place than Barbados. However, while buying duty free goods in Barbados, travelers need to show their passport…
  • Muslim Community in Barbados

    The national religion of the country is Anglican, however the island also gives equal opportunity for people of other faiths to practice their religion freely. The total Muslim population of the country is about 4000.

  • Barbados Country Overview

    The mesmerizing coral island of Barbados is located to the east of the Caribbean Sea in the western Atlantic Ocean. A West Indian continental island-nation, Barbados is one of the most loved and most visited travel destinations among the West Indies islands.

  • Bridgetown, Barbados Overview

    The capital and the commercial district of Barbados, Bridgetown is the main center for travelers. Originally called as Indian Bridge because of the crude bridge that was built by, the Indians over the river, the city was later called as “Town of St. Michael” before it was officially named as…
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Barbados Info



It is an Island in the North Atlantic Ocean. You can see coral reefs, caves and gullys etc all in an island of 431 square kilometres.


A population of close to 0.28 Million. Muslims account for about 8% of the population.


Barbados has a warm climate which is moderately tropical. Including higher rainfall, the average temperatures range from 21°C to 31°C.


English is the official language. Bajan is widely used as well.


GMT -4hrs throughout the year


General: 9 AM to 5 PM


Independence Day: November 30th
Emancipation Day: August 1st
May Day: May 1st
Christmas: December 25th


Barbadian Dollar


Police/ Emergencies: 211
Medical: 511
Fire: 311

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