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  • Manama City Overview

    Bahrain comprises of thirty-three islands that are placed within 707 square miles. Manama is the capital of the country and is situated in the northern part of the main island. The dry climate of the city allows the tourists to travel and see the region better and visit the numerous…
  • Bahrain Overview

    The Kingdom of Bahrain is an archipelago in the Persian Gulf in Middle East and is bordered by, Qatar and Saudi Arabia. Bahrain is the smallest independent state of the Persian Gulf.

  • One of Nature's Miracles - The Tree of Life

    One of the best natural phenomenons of Bahrain, the Tree of Life, or the Sharajat-al-Hayat, is an amazing gift of nature to Bahrain The tree is approximately 400 years old and stands 32 feet high. The Tree of Life is located about 2Km from Jebel Dukhan and stands on a sandy…
  • Bahrain World Trade Center

    Situated in Manama Bahrain, the Bahrain World Trade Center is a twin tower complex that was built in the year 2008 The structure is famous for being the first skyscraper in the world to combine wind turbines in its design. The Bahrain World Trade Center stands over 50 floors tall and…
  • Beit Al Qur'an Museum

    The Beit Al Qur'an Museum in Manama, Bahrain is a museum dedicated to the Holy Qur'an The museum stands in the busy commercial district of Hoora in Manama. The museum complex itself is a fine example of the modern Bahraini architecture. The museum was established in the year 1990. The museum…
  • Bahrain Financial Harbour

    The Bahrain Financial Harbour, an iconic development has become the most prestigious addresses of Bahrain.

    Situated on the northern seashore of Manama, this impressive building consists of two twin towers that rise to 53-storeys, a 7-storey Financial Mall complex and a 12-storey Harbour House.

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Bahrain Info



Bahrain consists a chain of 33 islands in the Persian Gulf situated in the east of Saudi Arabia. The largest island is the Bahrain island whch accounts for 83% of the country.



A population of close to 1.2 Million. Muslims account for about 81.2% of the population.


Bahrain has extremely hot summer and a relatively mild winter. The average temperature could exceed 40 °C during the months of summer. During winter the temperature range between 10 and 20 °C.


Arabic is the official language. English is widely used as well.


GMT+3 hrs throughout the year


Government: 7 AM to 2 PM
General: 8 AM to 6 PM
(Sunday to Thursday are the working days of the week. Friday & Saturday are considered as weekends)


National Day: December 16th
New Year's Day: January 1st

Muslim Festivals (Based on the lunar calandar):
Islamic New Year


Bahraini Dinar


Police/ Emergencies: 999
Medical: 998
Fire: 997

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