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You are here: Explore the Diverse Animal & Plant Life in the Outback!

Explore the Diverse Animal & Plant Life in the Outback!

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Where Locals and Visitors can Experience the True Essence of Living in Australia

The Outback is a sprawling arid area in central Australia that has been developed for locals and visitors to experience the true essence of living in Australia. The Outback covers inland areas of New South Wales, Western Australia, Queensland, South Australia and the Northern Territory. Largely the Great Outback of Australia is almost everywhere except in the urban cities and towns.The Outback is home to a number of flora and fauna indigenous to the area. The massive deserts are excellent to explore and enjoy some exciting adventure.

The Kakadu National Park in the Tropical North is one of the main attractions. It is listed in the list of World Heritage Sites and the main features include the beautiful landscapes, wildlife and the Aboriginal rock art. The Gulf Track is a lesser known attraction in the northern area. The southern parts of the Gulf of Carpentaria are also excellent to explore.

The northwest part of the Outback is occupied by the Kimberley and Pilbara regions. The main highlights of this area are the gorgeous waterfalls, gorges and the stunning coastline. The diversity in the desert landforms and the vegetation is worth seeing.

The Central Desert is the focal point of the Australian Outback and when mentioned this is what most people think about. The Uluru is the main attraction of this area where visitors can walk around the rocks. The Oodnadatta Track is the most historic track in the Outback area and also one of the easiest that can be traversed by almost everyone. From this track visitors can detour to the Painted Desert a photographers delight.

The Simpson Desert is one of the best examples of dunal deserts in the world. The desert spans over 170,000 square kilometers. The Birdville Track is another popular track in the eastern Outback.

Throughout the Outback visitors can find small towns and cities with many of them having Halal diners and masaajid. The main city of Alice Springs has a few massajid and Halal restaurants. The city of Broken Hill also has a masaajid.

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    A popular bush walk in Australia, the Overland Track sees over thousands of walkers visiting the track every year. The Overland Track covers over 65Km and runs from the Cradle Mountain to the Lake St. Claire in the Tasmania region of the country. A number of walkers prefer including the…
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  • Australia Muslim Visitor Info


    crahft score 4.7


    A population of close to 22.7 Million. Muslims account for about 1.7% of the population


    There are some Halal food & restaurant outlets available in the main cities like Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth, especially where there are large concentration of Muslims. In some places such as Gold Coast, it is also easier to find Halal food.


    There are some Mosques spread around the country.  


    Around 80% of the population speak English. Chinese & Italian are considered the next most common languages spoken. Chinese approximately 2.1% & Italian 1.9%


     Australian Federation of Islamic Councils (AFIC): +61 283032100

  • General Traveller Information on Australia



    The sixth largest country in the world Australia has many attractions to visit. Australian mainland has a total coastline of 35,876 km.


    The temperature varies widely in Australia based on the time of the year and the area (The Desert areas tend to have high temp while the costal parts of the country are lower).

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